happy valentine's day

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from my little love bugs:

Jovie's tutu was a gift from a sweet blog reader, Lori, check out her etsy shop Lil' Pink Goose for the CUTEST tutus (and headbands) ever!

I also have to share this cute picture behind the scenes of my photo shoot with Jovie, my assistant was such a good helper!

That was a stressful photo shoot! We had every problem in the book beginning with her adorable onesie I ordered online in the smallest size it came in 0-3 months. It matched the tutu perfectly but Tiny was swimming in it, I could fit her whole body through the neck hole. Thankfully with some folding and tucking it worked out ok! Then my camera battery died. Jovie was fussy, which is so rare. My card was full just as she started to cooperate....and on and on! 
The things I do for a cute picture of my sweet love on V-day!

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5 Responses to “ happy valentine's day ”

Lori said...

She looks absolutely adorable Katie!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Tryjng to figure out who she looks like. Can u post baby photos of you and Robb?

Kelsey Posma said...

absolutely LOVE Grayden's face in the photo shoot helper picture! What an awesome big brother!!!!! :)

Victoria said...

Very cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

Nicole said...

So sweet!!!!