Jovie Breann, you are 2 months old

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I just can't handle how fast this precious time is going. You are no longer my squishy newborn. That makes me sad, but I'm also so excited to watch you grow and learn new SMILE!

We got our first smiles a couple weeks ago and they are just the cutest thing!

You are such a snuggly baby!

You LOVE your warm baths!

You wear mostly newborn clothes and a few 0-3 month things. And you are on your last pack of newborn diapers. 

Your cries are so sad and pitiful! We usually just laugh becuase you'll quickly learn you'll have to cry a lot louder than that to be heard in this house.

We started letting you sleep through the night at 6 weeks, before then we'd wake you up to eat between 2-3am. Now you go down drowsy after your 10pm bottle, and put yourself to sleep. Daddy wakes you up at 6am to feed you before he leaves for work. 

Your brothers still adore you, your newness in our family hasn't worn off to them yet like I thought it might. They fight over holding you. And recently Grayden told you he loves you more than Craigs Cruisers, Chuck E. Cheese and Crazy Bounce! That's a ton of love for a 4 year old!

You're not the biggest fan of your swing or bouncy seat, you'd much prefer to be held!

At your appointment today you weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, 21" long, not even on the charts. My little itty bitty. 

You love to sleep! You usually take a big nap between your 10am and 2pm feedings and little cat naps the rest of the day.  

You have discovered your tongue recently and you keep it very busy!

You eat 3-4oz every 4 hours during the day. 

The play mat is pretty boring to you. 

We love you sweet girl, more than you will ever know!

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11 Responses to “ Jovie Breann, you are 2 months old ”

bella said...

She is such a cutie-very petite. I'm so glad the boys enjoy her so much. You have a beautiful family!

Ashley said...

Time flies!! She's a doll!

tricia said...

She is adorable!! So sweet to see how muxh she is loved by her big brothers

Megan said...

I absolutely love your blog, and completely realize that it is first and foremost YOUR blog :) but the song app you have at the top of the page makes your blog extremely slow to load. Just a little constructive criticism.

Jacki said...

She is absolutely beautiful and so fine! I love her cheeks! We are so excited to watch her grow!!!

Beth said...

2 months! Wow - they grow so fast! She is just beautiful...

Traci said...

Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe you have to wake her up to feed her, can she come teach my almost two year old how to sleep all night long? That's amazing!!!!

DianeTaylor said...

Oh My Goodness....what a precious angel, Katie!!! She is already getting so big!

Rachel C said...

oh these pictures make me miss those tiny baby days!! enjoy that little girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a peanut. My daughter was 8lbs 1oz at birth and a healthy and chubby 12lbs at 2 mos! You wouldn't know it now, she's a twig. Enjoy every moment with her!

Elma said...

Such beautiful children!!!