Favorite Things Party {round 3}

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I hosted my third annual Favorite Things party last month. It was so fun once again!
Click here for Year 1 and Year 2 to read more of the 'how to' details 

Here is the list of things people brought:

Heather D: Downy unstoppables and EOS lip care
Marcie: Razor with built in shaving gel 
Jessica: DIY face cleanser (olive oil, castor oil) 
Val: Tea bag buddy and sanitizing toothbrush covers 
Emily: set of bangles
Trisha: travel pouch and EOS lip care
Rochelle: Bath and Body Works wallflower plug in with nightlight
Mindy: Biggby gift cards
Heather G: Norwex face cloths
Lisa: Norwex enviro cloths
Katie: hair bump essentials; 3 row teasing comb, Tresseme Hold 4 hairspray and baby powder
Anne: Crock pot liners and facial moisturizer 
Heidi: interactive nativity set for children 
Susanne: scarves 
Stefanie: water bottle and colored pens

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3 Responses to “ Favorite Things Party {round 3} ”

Carrie said...

So fun! Is the powder for bumping your hair? If so, do tell how pretty please :)

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Yes! I brush a little powder through my hair when it's too clean to dirty it up a little so it holds the teasing better, and I use it of its too dirty to absorb some of the oils!

Dawn said...

My MN blogger group started a Favorite Things party last year and absolutely LOVED it...we've got another one planned for the end of March - I can't wait. :)