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Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear me! My last insta Friday post was Jan. 3 so bear with me as I catch up with an insane amount of pictures! These aren't my favorite posts to do, but at the same time I like to have our everyday lives documented here and that's exactly the things I put on IG!

Yummy banana pancakes with chocolate chips for a special breakfast for my boys!

Super excited to be shopping!

Jovie's first of many trips to the mall with mommy (and Grandma!)

Whoever decided to put tv's in children's stores was a genius!

all those toys to look at but she only stares at her momma! ;)


Leave it to the princess to produce the dirtiest diaper of my mothering life! She filled up the entire leg/foot of her sleeper, it leaked through her onesie, sleeper, blanket and onto the bouncy seat!

I think she might have just wanted a bath, but next time she could just ask ;)

Opps! Missed a spot in between her little toes-ies!

cousin comparison, Peyton on top 4 weeks (?) and Jovie on bottom (7 weeks)

digging into the pork and mushroom lettuce wraps we had for dinner this week

Breakfast bottle for my blue-eyed beauty.

This is the way we put away laundry!

A little fresh air was needed this week, the boys have had some poor attitudes lately. 

Love it when a last minute meal comes together when you forget to plan! My friend Corinn helped inspire me to make this quinoa dish with grilled chicken, corn, avocado, salsa and cilantro

Jovie looking so pretty in the heart outfit borrowed from cousin Makenna! She had her first date with her friend Jax on Wednesday!

not bad for a mild 20 min workout, at least I burned off the Doritos I had for lunch!

Souvenirs from his field trip to the Hospital on Wednesday. 

Sadler is all registered from 3school this Fall! He is so excited!

"WHY are all my 3 month clothes still so big on me?" Tiny wants to expand her wardrobe out of just her newborn things but she barely tips the scales at 8lbs. Poor girly! 

The boys put together this adorable bookcase/dollhouse for Jovie from G&G L. one night while we had a girls night out!

At Johnny Carino's, Gray said "they have good chefs here!" he loves that fresh bread and oil!

sweet snuggles with daddy on another snowed in day

spent HOURS going through the boys' old clothes. 

sleepy girl after her 3 week check up (told you it was a long time since I updated IG pics!)

snuggles on a cold blizzard-y day

Lil sis getting cozy with Grayden 

she still sleeps SO MUCH!

the kids had a half night sleepover with their cousins at grandpa and grandma's house while we had a fun night out with friends. 

Lazy Saturday at home

they matched for church one Sunday morning! 

Playing Jenga with my big boy!

relaxing in bed with the food network after a long rough day!

Grayden was star helper at school and Daddy took him out for lunch afterwards!

Fun morning with friends! 

We had our carpets cleaned by this nice man, I felt so bad for him because the boys would not leave him alone and had a million questions!

sticker shock! I sent Robb to get a few groceries and to pick up a prescription of mine...Ouch! I totally thought Robb found someones receipt! 

I stayed home with these littles one Sunday morning when Sadler had an awful cough. It wasn't until after I took this pic that I noticed Sadler's finger in Jovie's nose!

Doesn't happen much, but sometimes she does cry :)

I was a little behind on laundry so I put Jovie in one of Sadler's newborn outfits. I had to girly it up a little with all the bows!

SO much love! SO thankful for the way God gave us a family!

Sadler sleeps anywhere! 
This is the best I've gotten for a smile from this sweetie. 

Fun night out celebrating Lisa's 30th birthday!

Date night on Robb's 30th!

handsome as ever!

mom the year award here :(
Sadler got into some natural cough syrup. it didn't have a safety seal so he opened it right up and drank half the bottle when I wasn't looking. after some purple puke, a nasty dirty diaper, and a call to poison control he wasn't feeling the best but he was fine. 

Jovie has changed so much, not that squishy newborn anymore!

LOVE this tea bag buddy I got from my favorite things party!

1 week PP belly vs. 6 week PP belly. 

Ruffle buns

playdoh fun on another snowy day

Going stir crazy after another canceled church service.

we busted outta the snow and went to the Trailer and RV show one Sunday afternoon. it was fun to dream about camping in such luxury! Washer and Dryers, walk in closets, fireplaces, kitchen islands, and even central vac!

I started the plank challenge again! This is just embarrassing but after 6 weeks of csection recovery, 2 weeks of bed rest before that and an entire pregnancy of 'taking it easy' I had to start somewhere!

Watching the Bachelor wedding with my girl! I love weddings!

Tiny has been sleeping through the night!! She's such a good sleeper!

Pacey got this trick or treating bucket stuck around his head! A few months late, buddy!

A fun breakfast for the boys, its supposed to look like a teddy bear!

Jovie sitting in her swing and not too unhappy about it! Progress!

Scored some great deals at TJMaxx last week, these books were $3!

After so much time off of school, Grayden couldn't wait to come home and snuggle Jovie on his first day back. He really missed her!
I got 10 hugs and kisses from this sweet boy for making him 'the best lunch ever'
PB&J for the win!!

+somehow I'm missing this picture but we had a fun night watching the Superbowl at the Geerlings', the kids loved dancing to Bruno during the  half time show!

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5 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Anonymous said...

What is your instagram user name? I would love to follow you and see all the cute pics of your kids.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Katiejo1122 :)

Anonymous said...

do tell.. what did Robb buy?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

That was the cost of one of my prescriptions! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie..that is terrible. :(