Weekend Wrap Up

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We got hit with nasty weather on Friday, so we just stayed in that night. 

Saturday morning my mom took Sadler out for breakfast as a special treat for having no more pacis. 

And then we picked him up on the way to Target to pick out a new toy to trade his paci for. 

He debated on the Dre Beats but settled for a basketball ;)

At night we had a church bowling night, we took Grayden and Jovie along, and Sadler stayed with a babysitter at Peyton's house. I think they all had more fun that way ;)

Sunday morning our church had a community wide service at the high school auditorium, we didn't see that going so well with our littles so we decided to stay home and head to my Rietman family for coffee.

After Revolution at night we went to Robb's side for a birthday celebration for him and Courtney. 
The boys gave Uncle Jeremy a workout when they wanted to touch the ceilings over and over again!

on another note, I've gotten a few questions in the comments lately, I'll work on answering them in the next couple days in either a separate post or a reply in the comment section, so keep a look out for those. 

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Verna said...

Your hansom boys are getting so big!