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Friday, February 21, 2014

Past two weeks of IG (I'm katiejo1122) pictures:

This outfit and blanket are both things I bought during my pregnancy with Brenham. The hat was donated to Brenham's Hat Project, but it didn't arrive in time to be delivered with the rest of them on his first birthday. I kept it all in case we ever had a girl. Feeling so blessed to have his little sister be able to use it. 

2 days old vs 8 weeks old.

Grayden's picture from their field trip made it into the "Preschool Press". I hope I never have to see him in a giant Cheerio for real!

My model requested a 20 minute break during her photo shoot. 

Back to work last week! The apron fit a lot better that night than it did the last time I wore it at 34 weeks pregnant!

Sadler hasn't needed a neb treatment in a long time, sadly he had some major wheezing along with his cold last week. 

Playdate with Drew!

And playdate with Autumn. 

Little sis is already being gifted jewelry by her big brother!

finally caught a smile on camera!

Grayden's Valentines Day treats for his classmates, get it?  Their gummy bears and teddy grahams! :)

We had a parents meeting for kindergarten last week, doesn't seem possible. 

This was my Valentine's gift from Robb! I love him! He's mine, ladies ;)

Doll baby in Makenna's doll stroller! 

Sunnies for my sweeties. $2.25 at Children's Place! Jovie will look like a bug in hers but I just couldn't resist!
Tiny had her 2 month check up on Tuesday, with shots :(

We took Sadler's paci away Wednesday night, quit cold turkey! I can't believe how well its gone! 

I made this scarf at MOPS on Thursday! It was so fun and easy!

He's not falling asleep in bed and didn't take a nap Thursday but thats ok! I'm so happy (and a little sad! lol) to be rid of that paci! 

I came home from Zumba last night and Robb had taken down Jovie's pack and play and moved her into her crib. So she spent her first night in her crib last night at 10 weeks old. She had a hard time falling asleep but once she did she did great! Lots of big changes around here lately!

Jovie is dressed for Spring today. Ironically, we are in the middle of a terrible snow/wind/ice storm. It's just awful outside. Also, notice that belly! And the tongue, oh that silly tongue!

I asked Sadler for a smile this morning. He responded "no. never." alright then, mr. attitude! I still love him so! 

*and now i have mom quilt over just realizing that Grayden didn't make into many pictures on this 
post :( Get ready for Grayden overload next time!

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9 Responses to “ Insta Friday ”

Jami said...

My youngest gave up his paci cold turkey as well, right before he turned 3 he threw it away one day. He gave up naps right after that. I wasn't ready for him to give up naps, figures he would do it the week before my oldest started kindergarten when there was possibility of down time for me. However, I am so thankful we are done with that task.

belle said...

Sooooooooo, adorable!!!!

Wish you lived closer and could cut my hair.:) You always have such great style!

Would you ever consider doing a post about how to pick a good (affordable) stylist and what types of cuts are updated and look good for different faces?

In 40 years of living I've had two cuts that I would consider decent cuts! My hair isn't necessarily bad hair but it must be hard to cut. I don't use any chemical processes (translation, I like my turning white hair! thankyouverymuch ;P)and it's decently thick, not overly but not thin and flat either.....

Oh! Help!!! What questions do I ask to find someone who is willing to be edgy and fresh but not charge me more than I can afford?

Melody said...

Could you also post on what to do when you spend money at a salon to cover your gray hairs the day after Valentines day, and then today you find a ton that apparently didn't get colored? :(

Anonymous said...

can you post baby pics of you and Robb. I can't tell who Jovie resembles and you never talk about it.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Melody, covering stubborn grey hairs can be tricky, but if you asked for complete coverage (versus lowlights where they only put color on foils) definitely go back! They should recolor those for you at no charge.

Amy said...

She is adorable! Such a tiny little thing. All three of your children are so stinking cute! (I do think Jovie looks a lot like her momma.)

Anonymous said...

Probably a silly question but inquiring minds want to know. What was your boy name? I love hearing how thought-out your children's names are.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

anon, our lips are still sealed on that one :) saving that in case we are blessed with another son someday!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

belle, thank you for your sweet comment :)\

I have a couple ideas of you! Is there a cosmetology school in your area you could try out? they have discounted prices and often know all the trendy new styles and up and coming ideas they can try out! and dont worry, there are instructors there to check their work and guide them along!
next, sometimes it takes a couple visits for a stylist to get to know your hair and what works and doesn't work for you. so another suggestion would be to stick it out for 2-3 cuts, when you go for a second appointment be sure to tell the stylist what wasn't working for you and be specific about what it is you didn't like about it. and if its not getting any better then switch to someone else. it does take some trial and error.

good luck! I wish i could do your hair too :)