Gift Giving Guide (Boys)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I almost always struggle to find gift suggestions for the boys, this year, however, I had a hard time narrowing down the 3 gifts we will give them. So I thought I would share a few things on their lists in multiple price ranges in case you'll be shopping for a 3-5 year old boy this season!

At the very tippy top of their list, Magnatiles! They are on the pricey side but I've heard great reviews and I think they will be played with a lot and something we will hang on to for awhile! 
Zoobs also look really fun, I love to watch the boys use their imaginations and spend time working together! 

Legos are a big hit here, always looking to add to their collection!

My boys could play outside in the snow for hours, I know they will have tons of fun on their own Snow Sleds 

We typically get the kids Christmas pjs every year in addition to the 3 gifts they get from us, but last year we opted for slippers instead, because they all had plenty of pjs. The same is true this year so I let Grayden pick out some robes for him and Sadler while we were out shopping this weekend. I am not a big superhero person, but I couldn't say "no" to these, he loved them so much!
I don't take playdoh out too often for the boys to play with, but when I do it provides hours of fun for them, Sadler has been begging for this set constantly when he sees the commercial on tv. 
The boys each picked out a toy at Toys R Us quite awhile back when we were in the area I told them they were for Christmas and I'm pretty sure they have both forgetten about it! I'm excited to see their excitement when they unwrap their Paw Patrol and Wild Kratt toys. They love those shows so much! 

I hope some of you will find these ideas helpful! A little girl's gift guide is coming soon!

"Jesus is the reason for the Season"

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4 Responses to “ Gift Giving Guide (Boys) ”

Renee said...

I love magnatiles! When I worked in daycare, the kids were crazy for them. I think my boys are a little young for them still, but I think we'll get them next year.

And the construction playdough sets are so much fun. Leland loves them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post!!! I bought the Play Doh AND the Zoobs last night!!

Deb said...

Great list! We recently acquired the dentist play doh kit called drill n fill and the kids love playing with it together.

Haffner's World said...

Magnatiles are on our list as well! Cole plays with them at preschool and is his go to center when they have free play!