Gift Giving Guide {Girls}

Monday, December 8, 2014

Jovie's birthday is 12 days before Christmas, so I've been working on her gift list for quite some time! I wanted to think ahead a little to include things she'll enjoy as she gets older too, since it will be almost a whole year before she gets new stuff again. So this list is for the 1-2 year old range. 

What little girl wouldn't want a dollhouse to play with?! In fact, I know my boys even like to play with them! What I love about a dollhouse is you can always add things to it, and it's a toy that she'll play with for years to come!
I also really want her to have a kitchen, and a pink one makes it even better! I think she'll love to play in her little kitchen and open and close all the cupboard doors!

 I love these Melissa and Doug food sets, they hold up so well and are great quality and would go great with the new kitchen!

This list would not be Jovie approved if I didn't include a baby doll. My girl loves babies!

And a stroller to push her baby in!

A ride on toy has been a big hit for the boys, I think a fun girly one, that plays music would be a great toy for Jovie!

And this toy is a big hit with my nieces, so it's on her list too! You can't go wrong with Little People!

And she'll be getting a new robe this year, like her brothers, instead of jammies, since she has boxes full of jammies handed down from her cousins :)

I hope this will be helpful to anyone still searching for the right gift for a 1-2 year old girl!

"All the Christmas PRESENTS in the world are worth nothing without the PRESENCE of Christ" 

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2 Responses to “ Gift Giving Guide {Girls} ”

Anonymous said...

I have 2 little girls ages 2.5 and my baby turning 1 in few days... We have the doll house and it's a hit for both.. We have magna tiles which we love! We obviously own dolls and carriages however I gt rid of the one you put kn your list. They are so lightweight and junky - kids under 2 are not ready for this and if your child ever sits into this it's goodbye!
Thanks for sharing ... Always nice to hear new ideas!

Lindsey said... your list =) Looks VERY similar to Molly's Christmas and Bday list. And we too are looking at the WHOLE year since poor baby girl too has a WHOLE year to wait for more goodies.