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Monday, December 1, 2014

grab a snack, you know the drill....

meeting baby Kasen, my bestie's littlest babe!

perler bead fun,  Grayden told me he was gonna make me a medal next because "you are such a hard worker!"

rub a dub dub 3 cuties in the tub!

caught in the middle of a tooth count on JoJo by Sadler!

Help! Stuck in the toy box! Of course I take a picture before helping her :)

Partners in crime, I overheard the leaded whisper to his right hand man "don't tell mom!"

painting in pj's

sorting socks

special helper day at 3 school!

I heart these bubblegum pink patent flats! 

Yay for a couple days off school!

miracle baby...never forget!

burning lots of energy with friends at Catch Air. 

Taking a stroll

sleeping beauty

playtime with the little while the bigs are in Sunday school 

fun by grandpa and grandma's house

hard sending him back to school after an extra long weekend home!

picnic at the park on a gorgeous fall day

cant pass up a picture in a big leaf pile!

she'll do anything for a cracker including getting stuck under Sadler's bed!

root beer floats while watching the Dugger Wedding!

pouring themselves over the Target toy catalog!

this made me smile while waiting for robb to get his flu shot. 

Halloween story time

like mother like daughter, we wear our robes to keep warm on chilly days. 

kicked back and relaxed in her cozy robe!

groceries anyone?

squeeze in!

enjoying his bloomin' onion at Outback. 

i love to watch her play and discover!

he wasn't tired yet so when we said it's time for bed he ran off and hid in our closet, yup, definitely not tired!

cool dude got into our carry on luggage!

bathing in theives to keep him healthy while we were gone. the last time we went away he got RSV!


to grandmothers house we go

back to reality after vacation, it was a 2 cups of coffee kinda day!

having so much fun with a box of diapers!

snuggles and a story

following in her mommy's footsteps

nobody puts baby in the corner!

my handsome kindergartener's schoool picture!

daddy dressing his daughter in dresses like he does every sunday morning before church, few things are cuter. 

"can we have candy if its not so sugary?" 

another great message at the annual Right to Life banquet 

keeping a close eye on robb's whereabouts! He was heading to the gas station with my van one night when I forgot to fill up that day. When I got home I had 4 miles left on the tank!

Literally running on fumes, but he made it! This was his text to me after filling up!

fondue night at the Geerlings'

Great book recommended by Gray's teacher. 

sweet boy after his field trip to gymnastics!

Jovie's first ride on Sandy!

squeaky clean after a bath he asked me "can i do the ice bucket challenge?"

checking out the lobsters at Meijers 

cleaning cupboards, not sure why i need 3 pie plates!

loves her baths

lunch and hot chocolate by grandma's

not where i had in mind for them to put their snow gear! 

same dress 
left in punta cana in a clean hotel with my man, right in michigan in a messy closet with a babe who won't nap!

craft night, love the book wreath I made!

waiting in the snow for Miss Sarah to pick him up for school!

sadler snapped a pic of me caught in my robe ordering Christmas cards and birthday invites!

I have a feeling this walkway will become a lot more narrow as winter goes on!
This girl loves her carbs at dinner at Carinos

my heart!

snow baby

ready, set, snow!

Jovie in Aunt Mindy's vintage care bear outfit we had to dig out by grandma's house after a water spill!

i had a frustrating doctors appointment a couple weeks ago (everything is fine health wise, just waited for 2 hours and was annoyed and feeling sorry for myself) so at the end of the day I just needed a good cry in the shower. But the tears wouldn't come, I just kept thinking about how blessed I am!

first snow day of the year, we stayed in pjs, watched cartoons, made muffins, painted and had lots of play time!

jovie is always being loved on!

paining in pjs

sampling the muffins we made

playtime fun in the playroom

time to head outside

he made up his own game, I didn't know the rules but somehow I won!

Target run with my happy girl!

love seeing pics of Grayden on Facebook enjoying indoor recess time during school!

little lady gave mom a scare when I found her half way up the stairs when I went to let the dog in!

I picked up a doll house last week with tons of furniture and accessories that I found on an online garage sale, I barely made it in the door before the boys dug in!

getting creative with his lunch!

Jovie wanted to help make freezer meals

cooking with friends at my Wildtree freezer meal workshop!

aldis! Go get some! 

my boy loves his dip!

she has the life!

snuggles with baby Aiden last Saturday!

After getting dresssed Saturday morning he said "Mommy, you wook pwetty! Yah, wast night you didn't wook pwetty, when you wore the dwess!" Last nights dress= my robe! haha! Just like his daddy, robe haters!

So blessed to be there mom! Adoption is such a gift and we celebrated them especially last week on National Adoption Day!

Nursery duty last Sunday night with my little turkey!

A days difference!

This girl needs some toys, pronto! Outta the tampon drawer little missy!

she doesn't love dress-up time!

Meeting baby Ella!!

such a proud momma after the boys' conferences Tuesday night!

3 tired kids in costco the day before Thanksgiving was quite the disaster.

a real live baby doll, every little girl's dream!

boys meeting Ella for the first time Wednesday morning

sisters with their baby girls

someones finally tolerating her sippy cup

thanksgiving celebrations Wednesday night

thats a lot of cute from one headband!
Jovie-left Ella-right

I have so much to be thankful for, these 3 blessings are at the top of that list!

ready to deck the halls on Friday!

Jenga in their jammies

phew, if you made it through that you deserve a medal! I'm gonna make it a goal to update with these more on a weekly basis so I don't flood you with a 100 pictures every time!

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2 Responses to “ Insta Catch up ”

Victoria said...

I always enjoy your pics! Always looks fun and you and Jovie's outfits are the cutest!!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

I always love your comments, Victoria, thank you!