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Friday, December 5, 2014

Saturday night we recreated a date night that we attempted last year by watching the Hunger Games movie and having dinner at the Grill House. We did the same thing exactly a year ago but instead of going to dinner like planned we headed to the hospital because I was having terrible pain from what I thought was heartburn, turns out I was having contractions, although I know think that pain was more associated with my gall bladder, but anyways we were looking forward to a second chance at our date!

the grill masters

watching Tangled with cousin Makenna at grandpa and grandma's church Sunday night!

snuggles with my soon to be one year old, not taking a single one for granted because I know these sleepy snuggles are coming to an end!

a mommy treat after a long day!

gathering girly goodies for my girl's 1 year photo shoot!

behind the scenes!

Sweet Ella!

The view from here

putting on a puppet show!

she can't wait for her turn for 3-school!

how cute are these rompers for my nephew on the way in April!

A combine: artwork by GL

She is getting more confident everyday standing alone, of course it helps when she's distracted by crackers

I won a free family mini session at the tree farm tomorrow morning, I'm pretty pleased with the outfit I put together for everyone on short notice! I hope we don't freeze!

I love this cozy sweatshirt I bought at Gap outlet for $9.99. I might wear it everyday!

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