Jovie Breann, you are 12 months old!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wow, girly! 1 year old! I can not believe it!

You are such a sweetie pie! More often than not you are perfectly content just sitting on my lab when we play. You love to be near me, and I love your morning hugs and the pure joy on your face when I walk into your room! Needless to say, you are a mommy's girl. 

You like to jabber and sing! You also whisper when you talk, silly girl. You aren't saying any words yet but you sure make noise and have a little mind of your own. 

You have 6 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 4 on top. 

You eat anything and everything and are now on milk, bye bye bottles!

You weigh 20 lbs 11oz in the 50th percentile and are 28.5" long in the 25th percentile.

You stand alone like a pro, and can crawl to the middle of a room and stand up, but no steps yet.

You love baby dolls and stuffed animals. You are such a lover and give them big squeezes!

It's been such an amazing year with you in our family, Jovie! We all adore you to pieces!

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6 Responses to “ Jovie Breann, you are 12 months old! ”

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Any more babies for you?

Anonymous said...

I so remember when you said you were expecting!! Such a miracle for you to experience!! She sure is a beautiful girl and this year sure has gone fast!! Happy Birthday to your little girl!! Elma

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thank you!
I don't think there will be any more babies :( I do have the baby itch and probably always will, but I don't think that's in God's plan for us. But if it is we would happily welcome another baby!

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Thank you Elma! She is such a joy! God is so good!!

Rachel C said...

So sweet! Can't believe she's a year old already!
Love the new look for your blog :)

Victoria said...

I can't believe Jovie is a year old already!

Love the new blog layout :)