"Stay Close Little Girl"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

One day a little girl was born into the world 
and for a very small moment, her father held his breath-
because that little girl was all his and his heart
had never been so filled with joy and fear. 

From her tiny hospital bed, that baby girl reached up. 
took hold of her father's finger and held on tight.
And right then, that father knew he would never let her go.
Life with that little girl would always mean holding her hand.

Time passed and the little girl became a one-year-old. 
Her father knew something had changed 
because the little girl wanted more than his finger to hold. 
Now she wanted to walk with him. So he took hold of her hand, 
led her across the room and daintily, vary daintily, she took her first steps.
From the place where he stood beside her, that father grinned a silly grin. 
But in his heart, the words went something like this:

Stay close little girl,
Be my angel little girl,
Hold onto my hand.
Stay close little girl, when you walk little girl, 
I'll always be your man.  

~Karen Kinsbury "Stay Close Little Girl"

*photo credit: bee tree studios

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rebecca siewert said...

happy 1st birthday!