Sadler Graham, you are 6 years old!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oh my sweet Sadler, you have grown and matured SO much in the last couple years.
You're becoming such a responsible, loving and funny young man! I'm so proud of you!

 God has big plans for you, I'm certain of that!
You are loving school, and you are so smart! You breeze through your addition problems, and work so hard at sounding out your sight words. 

You are strong, and tough as can be!

Your favorite foods are peanut butter sandwiches, cutie oranges, applesauce, cheese burgers with ketchup on the side, and swiss cake rolls!

You are brave and adventurous.

You are sweet to your sister (most of the time) and look up to your brother.

You like to sleep in the clothes we set out for you to wear to school the next day, and rarely wear pajamas, it sure saves me some laundry :)

You have lots of friends, including several 4th graders! Ha!

You love all sports, but live, sleep and breathe SOCCER!

You like things neat and orderly. 

We love you so much Sadler Graham!  You bring so much laughter and joy to our family, and we thank God for you!

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