SB '17 {Disney Wonder Days 3 & 4}

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday morning we woke up just as we were pulling into Castaway Cay, Disney's private island.

We got off the ship right after breakfast to hit the beach!

Pelican's Plunge

If you look close you can see Robb flying out the tube on the left!

We had lunch on the island and then got back on the boat

Tuesday night was Pirate Night, we ate at Animators Palate again, and had a Caribbean inspired menu. 


They sure have changed since our last pirate night 3 years ago!

We sent the kids to the kids club after they finished their dinner, although Jovie wanted to be picked up shortly after, and the 3 of us went to a magic/illusion show. 

Having fun at the Pirate Party. We ended the night watching fireworks!

Sadler enjoying a little bedtime snack :)

Wednesday was our day at sea.

We had tickets for the Princess Gathering after breakfast:

Jovie is the most observant kid I know, she caught on to how the princesses posed for pictures so she's trying to do the same!

We spent some time in the pool, and the boys went to the kids club for awhile in the afternoon. 
Sadler couldn't quite touch in the pool, so Grayden would carry him along on his back. It was nice to see them getting along for once!

more dancing before dinner

Our last dinner was at Tiana's Place, the menu was New Orleans inspired. We had the most amazing shrimp and grits dish that I never want to forget! Ha!

Of course Tiana, (and the alligator) were there!

I had to get a picture of Lodion getting Sadler more ketchup, he had gotten really good and knowing how much he liked!

Parading around the dining room with our table-mate, Shane.

The show that night was called "Dreams"

one last towel animal to end our cruise. 

We got off the ship bright and early at 7am on Thursday morning to start our 13 hour drive to Kentucky where we had a hotel booked near the Ark Encounter. More on that to come!

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2 Responses to “ SB '17 {Disney Wonder Days 3 & 4} ”

Stephanie Fisher said...

You look great...what is your exercise/diet regime?

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

Aw, you're sweet. Thank you. I workout almost everyday, for about 30 minutes.
I really love
I just finished an 8 week program they have, but besides that I usually do the free ones. I also love Pilates that I watch on YouTube too. I find those are great for toning. The balanced life is my favorite for Pilates.
And I really think you can't out-exercise a bad diet, so I try to eat fairly clean foods and really try to limit (but not cut out completely!) gluten, diary and added sugars as I've found them to be bloating for me. But ya gotta live a little too I say so "mindful indulgences" are always ok!