Sadler's 6th Birthday!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sadler was SO excited about turning 6!

He was up bright and early to start his special day!
I took him (and Gray) to school, instead of their usual bus ride. It just so happened to be "VIP day" at school so Robb was able to visit his class, and spend some special time with him.

I came to school at lunch time to bring him his favorite chicken nuggets from McDonalds. As I was approaching his room I heard singing! I peak in to see Sadler in front of his class as his friends sang "Happy Birthday" to him!

I stayed to help during recess, and then was the helper for math centers in his class.

Robb and I took him out for a special birthday dinner. With the help of a coin toss he chose Red Robin.

He had such a great day!

We are looking forward to celebrating him again at his and Grayden's birthday party next week!

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