7 months.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A 7 month old? i can not even imagine how different my life would be right now if sweet brenham boy was here with us. crazier? less crazy? who knows? All i know is that there is so much that i am missing out on.
I looked up baby's milestones at 7 months old and this is what i found:

Your baby now can bear weight on his legs when you hold him upright.
He can sit without support.
Baby can stand while holding onto someone or something.
He can pull himself up to a standing position from a seated one.
Baby walks by holding on to furniture.
He babbles.
Baby plays peekaboo.
He plays patty-cake.
Baby waves good-bye.
He can say "mama" or "dada."

oh sweet brenham i would love to be playing peek-a-boo with you right now and hearing you giggle. I wish i could watch you wave bye-bye to daddy when he leaves for work. And most of all i wish i could hear you call me "mama".
love you baby!

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4 Responses to “ 7 months. ”

Anne said...

I'm sure Brenham would be like Nolan and only say "dadda" just to drive you nuts!!! I have yet to hear "mama!!!"

Anonymous said...

I wish all those things for you too Katie, but I guess we just have to wait & trust that God still has a plan. He knows all things. God is good & He loves you guys very much. Keep trusting in Him! XOXOMOMLXOXOxoxogramxoxo

Val said...

I dont think I ever put 2 and 2 together and realized we are both celebrating our little ones on the 29th! I bet our kids are having a birthday party together today!! A birthday in heaven, we can only imagine....

aLLiSoNWoNDeRLaND said...

Katie, I pray for your strength to go through this journey and to keep seeking God for your struggles. Many blessings,