Let me pray for you

Friday, September 12, 2008

I was reading through my old posts today and realized something.....i am a prayer hog! Asking for prayer about something in almost half my posts!!

So in return I would like to pray for you, leave your prayer requests in the comment section and be assured you will be lifted up in prayer! So let me have 'em. big or small. they all matter.

I think this will be great.

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29 Responses to “ Let me pray for you ”

CageQueen said...

I think it will be great, too.

My prayer request is for my dad, who list his job this week.


Tiercy said...

There is a 2 year old little boy, from my church, who was just diagnosed with lukemia (a rare form for kids). His last name is Shamy, not sure of the first name.

Katie, I think this just shows your true character. I have found you and your journey amazing and spiritual!

APRIL said...

I giggled a little at your post. It's your blog and you can be a prayer hog if you want.

My prayer request is for my mom's daycare - Grammie Annie's Daycare. Business is slow and she'd love for a infant to come.

Thanks, Katie. You're a sweetie.

Amber said...

My prayer is for me and my family. We are struggling to get by with the way the econmy is and we just aren't making it.

Anonymous said...

Katie--you are a sweetheart! I only know you from the blog, but God has used you in great ways!
You and Robb have had more to handle in your young lives than some have in a lifetime. Yet, you know (even when it is hard to handle), that God has a purpose for all of it. And, you keep the faith and are growing in Him.
We will keep you in our prayers, please keep on posting your updates.
I will ask that you pray for God to give a new job to me--with some benefits, if possible. Have not had any insurance for 3+ years. And, my job now is getting to me. It is a job God gave to me, so I will stay until God sends me elsewhere. My husband and I are struggling financially, so we keep doing our best at the jobs we have.
K & J

2Erica2 said...

Katie, I have been following your blog religiously since the Holland Sentinel advertised the Holland Big Give for you. I pray for you all of the time. I am hoping you could spare a prayer for my husband and me. After a year and a half of infertility and in-vitro, our second attempt worked! We were elated on Tues. and then found out yesterday that I will most likely miscarry. I have one more blood test and although this might not work I feel like a mom already and am so sad. I know this prayer might be challenging for you. Your post just came at the perfect time.

The Pagleys said...


I want you to pray for me to be just like you. You are one of the most amazing people I have come across in my life. Every time you blog, you inspire people with your love, your stories and your sharing. I love what your husband did for your birthday with the letters; I can only imagine what it meant. Please keep asking us to pray for you--helping us to look past ourselves when there is someone in need helps us find our best version of ourselves. You have been given a gift and thank you for sharing it with all of us who have found you from your blog.

Holli said...

My request is that I get to have a living, breathing, healthy baby. That is all. It's not so much, is it?

Kelly said...


I have kept you in my prayers since you began your blog and I first saw you on thenestbaby.

I would ask that you pray for two families- a little girl in Norwalk, CT who recently was in an awful accident and was burned over most of her body.

A friend of mine also recently lost her cousin, who was murdered last week. She was a loving Mom and her family is now in mourning.

Thank you for offering me this opportunity.

Sandy said...

I have three if that is okay! :0)

Me neighbors little boy Ian, he was diagnosed with an extremely rare blood disease and is now on chemo and will have a port in his chest the rest of his life, he's one. Pray his platlet levels go up so he can come home.

For me to have peace over the next few days, the 14th is my dad's birthday. He died 2 years ago and I have a hard time this time of year.

Im applying to nursing school! Pray I get in!

Thanks Katie!!

Oh Ive got a praise God too! (Thanks just as important!) My son Ethan's excema is finally getting better and his skin is back to looking normal! Yay!

Anonymous said...


You are such a special person.

My prayer request is for a friend named Mike who has a rare form of neuro sarcoidosis and a cousin Karen who has illness they haven't been able to diagnosis.


Krista said...


If ever you are searching for reasons for your struggles, look at your blog and see all the lives you have inspired and brought to God. You are such a gift!

Today I ventured to the mall for the first time since losing my girls. I didn't realize what I was getting myself into! I was overwhelmed with saddness and heartache as I looked around and saw so many pregnant women and babies. My prayer for today would be that this pain would go away because I can't hide in my house forever!

Also, I would love for you to praise God for all the wonderful people he put in my life who have been here to pick me up and help with anything I need.

Thanks so much- krista

aLLieBooBeRz said...

Hey Katie, I don't think you're a prayer hog!!

Could you please pray for my husband and I to get in shape over the next three months so we can start trying to get pregnant again?

I'll keep praying for you, friend!


Lauren said...

You are not a prayer hog! But I appreciate everything that you are doing.

My prayer request is for my unborn child. Our first ultrasound is Wednesday and I couldn't be more scared. Our last pregnancy ended at exactly 7 weeks, which is when this ultrasound is to take place. It's just hard to stay positive. Can you pray for God to give me the strength to get through that day, no matter what the news may be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie. I only know you through your blog but you are the sweetest thing. I lost my daugher five weeks ago tomorrow to triploidy. When I read your posts and see how strong you are, it makes me feel like I can be a little stronger!

My prayer request is that we will be able to conceive and carry to term a healthy baby.

I also would appreciate a special prayer for a friend of my stepmoms who is in the final stages of lung disease. The doctors told her last week that there is nothing else they can do. Please pray that she will find peace.

Thank you Katie!

nursenat said...

You are so thoughtful..... My prayer request is for myself and my husband. We have had 2 pregnancy losses and are praying for a little miracle someday-hopefully soon...

Thank you for offerring to pray for everyone! We love your blog, and keeping updated on your progresss.
Thanks Katie

Meegs said...

Please pray for my FIL who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and will be having surgery.

Please pray that when my husband and I start TTC next month it can be a bonding experience, and hopefully an easy one.

Thanks hun.

Jenn said...

I think you deserve all the requests you make. You are going through so much! My prayer request would be for my baby and myself. I am 35 weeks pregnant with our first child and although he is doing well (thank God) I am on bedrest for a placenta aging faster than it should and high BP. I pray that I make it full term but if nothing else, that I continue to nurish him to the point that when he is born he is a happy and healthy little boy.

K. said...

Bless you. You deserve all the prayers you have received.

My prayer request is for our baby, and for my husband and I. Our baby has a club foot, and we will be meeting with specialists this week and next to determine which doctor to choose, and when to start treatment (likely in the first week of life). We need the strength and wisdom to make the best choices for our baby. He or she is counting on us.


Sally said...

You are such a blessing and a true child of God, I am going to print of all the request that you have gotten and add them to my prayer journal, my request is to be a kidney donor for someone, I know what it means to someone because of what my brother went thru, I know if its suppose to happen it God's will.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and I am praying for YOU!

Please pray for above all, God's will but my heart's desire is to have a baby one day. I am almost 36 yrs. old and have never been blessed with a child. I have been blessed with sweet nephews though for which I am grateful.

Also, please pray for healing as I recently underwent surgery and have neuropathy.

Again, you are thought of and prayed for. God bless you!


Shannon said...

I love your blog and I am praying for YOU!

Please pray for above all, God's will but my heart's desire is to have a baby one day. I am almost 36 yrs. old and have never been blessed with a child. I have been blessed with sweet nephews though for which I am grateful.

Also, please pray for healing as I recently underwent surgery and have neuropathy.

Again, you are thought of and prayed for. God bless you!


LJFredricks said...

1st of all being a prayer hog is well deserved. Please know the more I pray for you the more you hog my heart also! Mine is so simple. patience always patience...........

Eve's Mom said...

I don't think you are a prayer hog! You have been through more than most can even imagine possible in such a short time.
My prayer request is for all the woman who have lost a child to find peace and one day hold a healthy child in their arms.

My coworkers dad passed away on Sunday and she is having a hard time coping so I pray she finds peace.

And finally that the economy picks up because it is putting a lot of strain in everyone's lives.

Charlene said...

You're funny I wouldn't call you a "prayer hog". You are just going through a lot and this page is kinda the whole point to keep people informed so we can pray for you right? Well anyways...since you asked.

Please pray for my husband Brandon. He is in Georgia right now; got called back up into the Army to go back to Iraq again. He left this past Sunday and so far he has been "delayed" by the Dr. for some medical issues. He has another appointment on Friday w/ a different Dr. This appointment could mean either back to Iraq...OR...come back HOME!!!

Alli said...

Hi Katie,
You don't know me, but I know you. I hung out with you and a bunch of other people from ORC 2 summers ago around a camp fire playing murder mystery...I was Muerta something or another. My cousins brought me, Sarah and Tabitha Heth. I used to live in Overisel, went to ORC, and went to Sandyview. I was in Jeremy's grade at Sandyview. Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog from the Klandermans and I just wanted to let you know I have constantly been praying for you. I have even put you on our prayer group at yahoo for my church, Oceanside Church. We are a smal church, but we are devoted prayer warriors.
You have such strenth and courage and I love reading about your awesome relationship with Christ. I can't even imagine how many people you have encouraged with your words....I know I am one of them.
Thank you for your desire to pray for your readers...you are so kind and a great woman of Christ.
My prayer request is for my mom, Christine, who was diagnosed with MS this summer. Also, I just ask you to pray for me, as well. I was supposed to get married and the engagement was called off. I'm just searching for Christ's direction and healing.

You are awesome, Katie. Keep smiling, you never know whose looking at you that needed to see your beautiful smile.

Alli said...

Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you. I live in Charleston, South Carolina...you've got prayers from way down here, Sister, and we are not stopping!

Sara said...


Prior to last Sunday, I wasn't really praying for you all, but I was thinking about you all constantly with both well wishes and just general sadness/sympathy for what all you've gone through.

Last week, on Sunday... my baby was born 2.5 weeks early. The baby that I was not supposed to be able to ever even bring home not only had both kidneys (she was said to have bilateral renal agenisis) but was overall in great health. The only obstacle we now face is hip dysplasia.

My faith in God that had been taken by the stillbirth of my own a couple of years ago has returned. If ever God decided to show me a miracle, it was then.

So I ask you, as someone I admire more than I can say... please pray for me to continue to believe in and worship our wonderful Lord. Please pray for me to be able to be truly thankful every second for my miracle and to the God who gave her to me.

Your faith amazes me. You amaze me.

Praying for you in Oklahoma,


Shiena Dale said...

I would like to ask for a prayer for my cousin Rossel, who just lost his wife and first born daughter weeks ago, whom they have waited for more than 6 years, in a pre-mature delivery.

God bless you and your family always.

Praying for you in Philippines,