happy birthday to me!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

well i would be lying if i said my birthday was wonderful, it wasnt really the way i had hoped. I had dialysis so i spent 4 hours there and another 3 hours at home sleeping afterwards. But robb took me out to eat at night and we had a really good time. I may not have had the best birthday ever but i did get the best gift ever...robb surprised me with letters from all of our family members telling me what they remember about brenham. It was so thoughtful and i LOVED reading everyones memories. I will cherish that forever. Thank you so much mom and dad r, mom and dad l, jeremy, ryan, lisa, kyle and mindy!! I love you guys!!
He also got me the Willow Tree Nativity set that i have been wanting for a couple years now, so that was really exciting! And some knitted boots that i love!! I am so spoiled! I also got lots of other fun stuff from various people. I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!!

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6 Responses to “ happy birthday to me! ”

Patrice said...

Happy Birthday you! Very thoughtful of Robb to have family members write you letter about Brenham.

Val said...

What a great husband you have!!! How thoughtful and what treasures for you read over and over. Love ya Katie!!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Katie! Robb is so sweet...what an awesome and thoughtful gift! I hope that the rain stays away and we see you at the races tomarrow!

Mary Katherine said...

This is the first time I have posted a comment but I just had to say Happy Birthday, You are such a strong person, and that your husband sounds very thoughtful! The gifts he gives you are amazing and such wonderful things to treasure forever!

CageQueen said...

Good for you for always being so positive.

BTW, your wedding pic in the background is beautiful.

Charlene said...

Isn't that nativity set great? The in-laws got me that and add to the collection each year. Glad to see you had a good b-day!