a little bump in the road.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i have been a bad blogger lately, sorry for the lack of updates. It was a busy week around here.

Mindy and Kyle got back from Mayo on Thursday. She was not approved on the spot like we were hoping b/c one of the tests didn't go as well as they hoped. So she is going to re-do that test here in Michigan sometime this week hopefully and if her score is better this time, her case will be brought to the board at Mayo and she will be approved if everything else looks good. And then we schedule transplant!! whoo-hoo. Please pray that this test goes better and that her score is right where it should be.

I try PD again tomorrow. I REALLY want this too work, i refuse to go back to the center for a third time. If it does go well, i should be home free (literally) until transplant. Thanks for all of your prayers!!

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2 Responses to “ a little bump in the road. ”

Sandy said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I'm praying everything goes great! I hope there was some sort of glitch with your sisters test and that she is perfect for you when they re-test her, you deserve something to go perfectly. Make sure she knows she in so many peoples prayers right now!

Sandy said...

PS- I love the new layout!