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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wow, that's a lot of blogging, to celebrate, here are 101 facts about me!
1. I started dating robb when i was 15 years old.
2. We got married when i was 20
3. we totally gutted out our house and redid it all before we were married.
4. it took two years to complete
5. my favorite color is orange
6. i love to sleep
7. i have never had a cavity
8. i have never broken a bone
9. i love to decorate
10. i am very ticklish
11. 11 is my favorite number!
12. i have been in two car accidents, both not my fault
13. i got pulled over by a cop last week on my way home from work for a burnt out head light!
14. i hate to exercise so i just dont do it
15. i drool when i sleep, haha
16. i love my robot vacuum
17. i love music
18. i swam with dolphins
19. I love going on vacations
20. every time i see a sunflower i think of my grandpa.
21. i love fresh fruit and veggies.
22. i wish i could sleep in late everyday
22. i am on the computer more than i watch tv
23. i love reality tv
24. i'm addicted to love!
25. i'm a cuddler.
26. i prefer hugs over kisses.
27. fall is my favorite time of year
28. when i was a little girl i always said that i wanted to marry my dad , lol
29. i always wanted to be a young mom
30. brenham was conceived on our 2 year anniversary, i know TMI!!
31. i wear contacts
32. i had braces
33. i love playing games
34. i almost always sleep through thunderstorms
35. i take over 25 pills a day.
36. i love coffee
37. i love to eat out
38. cotton candy is my fave
39. i hate to do housework but once i start i cant stop until its all done.
40. i scrapbook- but i am very behind on it
41. my closet is color-coded.
42. i love to shop
43. i am a bargain hunter.
44. target used to be my favorite store until i realized that is where all the preggy's hang out
45. i love accessorize my outfits from head to toe.
46. i just roll out of bed before i go to dialysis, no makeup, no doing my hair, nothing.
47. mascara is a must have for me
48. i have way too many shoes.
49. my pet-peeve is bad drivers
50. i have never shot a gun but i am a pro at duck hunt on Wii
51. i love to be barefoot
52. i check my email at least 5 times a day.
53. i hate clutter.
54. i love watching movies
55. i always day-dream about the future
56.i want to write a book someday
57. i love pictures
58. i dont eat potatoes
59. ice cram is my love.
60. i have the cutest dog ever.
61. my dog is named after a character on "dawsons creek"
62. i love my hubby more everyday
63. i am a list maker. i make lists for everything.
64. i love getting massages
65. i dont mind going to the dentist.
66. i bite my nails when i am bored
67. stress makes my hair fall out.
68. i like scary movies
69. i cant wait to meet my Savior.
70. i love meeting new people.
71. robb spoils me so bad and i love it
72. i have a large collection of purses.
73. i have horrible hand-writing
74. i love getting mail.
75. i am very competitive especially with my dad
76. i cant go without breakfast
77. i snack all day long
78. sunday is my favorite day of the week
79. i have 2 sisters and 3 brother in laws
80. i love giving gifts to people.
81. i love to cook i just dont do it very often
82. but i hate to bake
83. i wish i had a maid.
84. i played basketball and volleyball in high-school
85. i have had 5 surgeries in the last 5 months.
86. i get really excited just like my mom when my flowers start to come up in the spring.
87. i have never mowed the lawn
88. i tried learning to drive a stick shift but ended up in tears.
89. i was voted "best eyes" in high-school
90. i had a hot air balloon ride
91. i want a tattoo in memory of brenham but i am too scared so i probably wont
92. i took 3 years of Spanish in high-school but hardly remember a thing.
93. i have always wished that robb could play an instrument and sing to me, wouldnt that be cute
94. i cant draw at all.
95. my birthday is next week Thursday
96. i feel way older than i am sometimes
97. i want to build our next house.
98. i weight the same right now as i did in 8th grade
99. sometimes when i cook i talk out loud and pretend i am doing a cooking show!
100. i am very forgetful
101. i am blessed.

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17 Responses to “ Post # 101 ”

Anonymous said...

You must have a lot of time on your hands. ha ha. Thanks for sharing with us.

Katie said...

yup, there's not a lot to do when you are home recovering from surgery! lol.

Nicole said...

You are silly! And no I'm not a stalker to your blog...I just miss you! We will have to plan a get together very soon...This week was rough as I know it was for you too, but we will have to think of something to do to look forward to...Hope you're feelin better with every day!

The VanderZwaag's said...

Katie glad to see you are in good spirits (or at least it seems like it!) Glad the surgery went well and hope you have a speedy recovery!!! I loved your list at first I thought you were joking but long did that take? Continue to heal and we'll continue to pray! Hope to see you soon!

Sandy Eding said...

I love this! Next, how about 102 things you remember about Brenham??? :)

Val said...

I feel like I know so much more about you! Great idea!! Can I do anything to help out your boredom at home?? Like you want some coloring books and crayons!? Movies?? Let me ya!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Patrice said...

Very neat post, fun way to pass the time while healing!! I wish I weighed the same as I did in the 8th grade!! LOL!!

Nicole said...

What character on Dawsons Creek is your dog named after? I love that show!

bcyouloveit said...

I would have never guessed you had messy handwriting!

Charlene said...

Hey Katie, that was neat. I learned some things about you that I never knew! Happy Birthday next week! Hope you are recovering well from your surgery.

Katie said...

the pooch's name is pacey! whenever i would watch dawsons creek and hear paceys name i would always think it sounded more like a dogs name that a boys name so when i got a dog unexpectedly (he was a surprise from robb) pacey was the only cutesy dog name i could think of!

Anonymous said...

katie...when i read these i was totally taken back to the old days....because when i read the bad hand writing one i totally thought of "katie 'writes like a boy' Rietman" haha. who was that carlson? spotts?

-love you, cara

Jacki said...

Hi Katie!!
I loved your post today! I hope you are relaxing, hanging out and getting stronger!! If I don't get a chance... Happy eary Birthday next week!!
Love lots- Jacki

Anonymous said...

That was such a fun post! Have a great day!

Jennyc said...

Aww you are soo adorable. That was nice to read your list. That is so cute that you talk when you cook, you make me think of that commercial where the lady is cooking dinner and talking to her houseguests like she is on a cooking show. The husband says, "she does this all the time". I love watching Food network.

Julybride_07 said...

I just wanted to say that you are so funny! I loved this post! I have never had a cavity either! God Bless!