*update for you*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thanks everyone for your great suggestions and prayers. Things are going a little better, the swelling has gone down. When i talked to the dr. over the phone on monday afternoon he said it sounded like a hernia and to lay low until we know for sure. A hernia? what??
He thinks i have probably had it for a while and it just never flared up until i started PD because PD works by putting about 3 pounds of fluid in your stomach and letting it sit in there for 4-5 hours, taking it out and then putting more right back in again and this flushes out the toxins. Anyways, he thinks that if there was an underlying hernia that the pressure of all the fluid made it come to the surface. I have an appointment today at 12:30 to find out for sure what it is and what we do about it. I will let you know!

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One Response to “ *update for you* ”

Jacki said...

I will be praying that he can give you an answer and treatment if needed will be easy!!
Love lots - Jacki