Could you please pray

Friday, December 12, 2008

For Kelli. I don't know her whole story, but i do know that she has been waiting for a kidney transplant for a LONG time. My heart breaks reading her story and knowing how discouraged she must be. i walked in her shoes for 7 months, 7 months too long and i never want to be there again so please pray that there will be a kidney for kelli real soon!

Thank You! I know I can count on you; my faithful prayer warriors!

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4 Responses to “ Could you please pray ”

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie-

I'm adding her to my prayer list, as I praise God for your good health! Love, Mom L.

Verna said...

Of course we will pray for her. I pray daily for all my blogger friends. But, will add her name personally.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Laurie in Ca. said...


Thank you so much for posting about Kelli, I have been praying for her for over a year. Each time I read one of your posts about your kidney journey, I told the Lord that this is what Kelli needs too. She is a wonderful "heart friend" of mine and you sure have the place to put the word out. Thank you, and thank you again. Your journey has blessed my soul. Have a blessed weekend.

Laurie in Ca.

aLLieBooBeRZ said...

I will definitely send up extra prayers for Kelli! God is great and it will happen in His time according to His plan!