show and tell vol.5

Monday, December 8, 2008

this is one of those silicone bracelets that i had made for robb's fathers day gift! he loves it and has never taken it off. once again blurry picture (i dont know how to work any of the fancy settings on my camera, i'll have to get the manual out sometime, thanks for the help wifetoonemomtotwo!) but it says ' Missing You~Brenham Jay' on one side and '2~29~08' on the other side.

~thanks everyone for your jewelry cleaning suggestions, i can't wait to try them!~

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5 Responses to “ show and tell vol.5 ”

Jennyc said...

when I click on the picture I can read what it says :-) That is a nice bracelet.

kari said...

What a nice father's day gift! To take close up pictures without it being blurry, try turning the "macro" to on. Someone suggested that to me and it worked next time I tried it!

Katie said...

i dont know what macro is?!? lol! how do i turn that on? help!

kari said...

I didn't know what it was either until I played around with it!! It's usually in the menu settings but if you get out your manual it should be able to tell you how to turn the macro on. I have a sony digital and it was just a matter of getting into the menu and turning it to on..very similar to how I turn my flash on. Good luck!

Monica H said...

See if your camera has a macro setting. It's usually indicated by a flower. This will help you focus on item you are trying to take a picture of (like this bracelet). What's happening is the main object in this picture (the counter) is taking precedence over the bracelet. Putting your camera on the macro setting will reverse these.

Hope that helps.