let the parties begin....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas parties that is!

Last night we had my family Christmas party. We started with appetizers and punch at my house and then headed over to my mom and dads house for dinner, games and presents (scored me up some major mulah in panara bread gift cards! woot!). We had a great time!

I will most likely not be blogging much (besides one hysterical video of robb hula hooping on the Wii fit once i get it uploaded, you wont want to miss it..you quite possibly could literally laugh your hiney off) during the next week, but I will at least be updating my Twitter, you can follow me there, katiejo11.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

but before you go, check out one of Mindy's gifts....

i wonder who got her that?!?!

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One Response to “ let the parties begin.... ”

Neal, Rachel and Morgan said...

you crack me up...Panara gift cards! :) Do you drive a black car? I thought I saw you today by K&R's road but maybe it wasn't you! Who knows! I was trying to focus on the road! Hope you have a great Christmas week!