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Friday, September 21, 2012


we went to play group, Gray played with the play dough almost the entire time, and this was the only time (that lasted about 30 seconds) that Sadler sat still the entire time!


i had been wanting to make this recipe all summer and Monday night was the night i finally did, it was excellent


Robb texted me this series of pictures Monday night while I was at zumba





grayden came home with these goodies from preschool on Tuesday. I’m not one to save much of this stuff so I take pictures and someday I’ll put them together in a photo book that will take up a lot less room than all this…


but this, I'll be keeping forever!


It was a beautiful Fall day on Wednesday so I busted out the leggings, boots and scarf!


we headed downtown for lunch with my mom, mindy and the girls. i treated the boys to some gelato afterwards, delish!



the goodies I got from my 31 party were delivered on Wednesday, I was so excited to see everything.

this is one of my faves, a casserole dish carry case!


sadler’s been waking up after a couple hours of sleeping during the night just screaming at the top of his lung and flailing around, we think he’s having night mares! poor babe


I’ll be in the New Testament starting on Monday and I can’t wait!


Sadler enjoying his yogurt Thursday morning, that kid loves to eat!


we headed to the circus Thursday night, we had an awesome time!



sadler sat by uncle jeremy the entire first half and hardly moved! amazing!


sadler had his stitches removed this morning, I waited for 40 minutes at the new biggby coffee shop to get him the strawberry magic milk in hopes it would magically make him sit still for it, i think it worked! he did awesome!


this little stinker was in hysterics today when i dropped him off at {day 4} preschool. turns out he had fun, just like he always does.

he’s showing me his ‘friends book’ it has pictures of all his classmates in it, so now i can put a face to a name when he has stories :)


I make that face a lot and now i now how not cute it is, haha!

poor sadler had a rough time at first wanting to cooperate for his swallow study.


in no time at all though he was fine and did super!

*sadler often chokes/coughs when he drinks so there was concern that he was aspirating. he did not aspirate during the test but he was really close every time he swallowed so he probably does aspirate at times. we now have to thicken all his liquids to a honey-like consistency :(


that’s our week! hope you had a great one!

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3 Responses to “ Insta {Friday} ”

Jodi said...

That picture of Sadler eating yogurt is too funny!!

M's mama said...

oh man, Malachi had that swallow study, too-- right when he was turning one-- and he was NOT a champ really for it either! way too young to be able to 'get' that 'scary' room, etc! :/

Momma Bird said...


I am a speech therapist (we deal with swallowing too) so I am curious if they know the possible cause for his swallowing issues and I assume he will be getting speech therapy to address this and work him towards thin again? Especially since the next upgrade would be nectar consistency and then to thin. Just curious since it is my area of expertise! :) Best wishes to you all and you have the sweetest family!