Weekend Wrap-Up (on Wednesday!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Friday night, after a long day of shopping, we had a low key dinner at Gandolfo’s deli and rented a redbox movie! Seriously, I think we have an addiction to redbox! ha!

We just had a relaxing night at home!


Saturday Robb went into work for a little bit and mowed the lawn while I cleaned the house.

At night we went to Kobe grill with a bunch of friends for dinner


then we all went back to our house for a wii bowling tournament! Aren’t we dorky? By luck, Robb and I ended up winning, but we truly got lucky! Better luck next time Flokstras :)

Sunday we went to church and took a family bike ride

At night we met up with friends at the park

Sadler HAD to get his hands on my phone!


and ended up taking a self portrait


and then a pic of me, not bad for a baby!



another fun filled weekend!

on another note, could you please pray for Max?  He’s the 3  year old son of my friend’s friends, Kate and Mark [:)] Max is in surgery right now having a complete liver transplant. In March he was diagnosed with stage 3 liver cancer. Since the diagnoses he has been having chemo. He is not responding to the chemo so a liver transplant is the only way to save his life. This sweet little boy has had nothing but an up hill battle his whole life. He is a twin born at 24 weeks. They got the call last night around 9:30 pm from the transplant team to say they had a liver for Max!! They traveled 3 hours to Ann Arbor Michigan to Mott's children's hospital where they started surgery at 5 AM today, they are expecting it to take about 8 hours.

Please pray for the surgeons as they work on Max and for his new liver to start working right away!

Here’s the blog link for updates on Max:  http://mkwiersma.blogpsot.com

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6 Responses to “ Weekend Wrap-Up (on Wednesday!) ”

Bren said...

Praying for that little boy!!!

Nessa said...

My thoughts are with Max and his family xxx

Jan said...

Praying for Max tonight and for his family to see God's hand in many ways.

DianeTaylor said...

Parying for sweet Max today :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure if link is correct? It links up to a bible blog? Will be praying for little max!

Cindy said...

The link does link up to a Bible blog but if you type it in separately you can chose the correct one.