{Labor Day} Weekend Wrap-up

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Friday night we had dinner at Qdoba, and rented a movie to watch when the kids went to bed. We’re kinda on a redbox kick lately!


sadler’s giving his ‘instagram girlfriend’ a kiss while we were eating!

after dinner we headed downtown to meet my parents and the roelofs for ice cream at coldstone


this nice man playing the drums on the street let Gray take a turn! he was in his glory!

Saturday we headed to the cottage for the day, Mindy’s friend Laura and her family were visiting from out of town so we got a picture of the kids (minus Whitaker,plus Asher and Peyton) like we did last Fall.


The boys didn’t want to nap at the cottage so we headed home and ALL took a nap! When we woke up we grabbed dinner at Culver’s and came home to pack for Shipshewana.

Sunday morning we went to church and then came home to have lunch, then we hit the road.



we had a great time, the boys played outside on the hotel’s play set, swam and ran around the hotel!

we walked over to the pizza place for dinner, hung out with family and went to bed. The boys slept great, once they fell asleep :)

Monday we ate breakfast at the hotel and packed up. We spent an hour at the flea market and then hit up the bulk food store and the Amish bakery before heading home!


at this point Sadler was exhausted! he never falls asleep unless he’s in the car seat or crib, so Aunt Lisa got lucky when he snuggled in and snoozed on her shoulder while we sampled baked goods :)

The boys slept almost the entire way home. When we got home we had a quick lunch, played outside and Robb mowed the lawn. We caught up on the laundry and then met my family for dinner at Applebee’s.


I had to take a pic of my cutie! Gray was being so silly in the bathroom, he says the funniest things while using pubic restrooms! This time was something about a fire hose, I’ll leave it at that!

My car had a dead battery to end our night, thank goodness the Kleinheksel’s walked out of Applebee’s when they did and gave us a jump start! Thankfully that didn’t happen when I was out and about with the boys alone with a car full of groceries or something though!

It was a great, long weekend (minus my sore foot and the dead car battery)

eta. my foot is now getting better better every day and the battery was replaced this morning!

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12 Responses to “ {Labor Day} Weekend Wrap-up ”

Amanda Romine said...

Too cute!! It looks like you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Does Sadler tan? He is so dark now.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, what a rude anon comment above me. looks like you guys had a fun weekend. its so nice to get away sometimes, away from the normal day to day routine. it was a beautiful weekend too! Your kids are adorable :-)

Kriss said...

I think your kids are adorable!!! -kriss

Ryan V. said...

Love the pic with all the babies lined up! So cute! I wanted to ask..I see you mention culvers every now and then...was wondering if you live in wisconsin? My husband and I used to live in waukesha, then in madison...we live in arizona now, but his company has transferred him back to madison, so we are moving next month. We are excited to get out of the heat and back to the snow! Just wondering if that's near your neck of the woods! :)

Elma said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend:) I also love shippys and really love the little shops right before the fleamarket:) Have you gone to a Thankfull Heart yet?? My favorite shop!! Also Past times Country shop is also nice:)

Anonymous said...

Why is that rude about his coloring? His is clearly darker now. I don't believe his nationality.

Anonymous said...

What does that mean, you don't believe his nationality?

Kate said...

I too am curious what you mean by not believing his nationality? I'd be happy to address this if you could clear that up for me!

Anonymous said...

Only 1/2 African American?

Kate said...

anon thats right, well, he's actually less than half. his birth father is AA/White and his birth mom is white. he has gotten darker as he gets older, very normal for bi-racial babies, even full AA babies start off lighter at birth!
also sometimes the coloring of my pics can be off due to instagram editing and even the color he's wearing can effect the way his skin tone looks, just like it can for white people! He was born in the US making his nationality American. He sure is gorgeous isn't he!?

ryan, we live is west michigan!

elma, i love those stores too but we didn't shop there this time!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous for sure. :)