Weekend Wrap up

Monday, September 17, 2012

We didn't do anything too special Friday night, it had been a busy week for us with Robb being gone and getting home so early that morning, so we just decided to stay home at relax.

When the kids went to bed Robb and I played a little wii, did I ever mention how competitive we are??


Robb dominated at tennis, surprise surprise!

Honey, I know you won’t be thrilled that I put that picture on here, but it’s so cute; so in fairness I’ll post mine too, which I am also less than thrilled about!


And the baseball is definitely rigged!

Saturday morning I did 90 minutes of zumba, I went 3 days last week, making up for 3 weeks off!

We went to lunch at steak and shake, did you know kids meal are free on the weekends?! What a nice surprise!


Then we headed to get groceries, the boys filled up on samples! I usually get groceries on Tuesday’s but that was Gray’s first day of school so I never ended up going last week so we were in desperate need. Otherwise we avoid the grocery store at all costs on Saturdays but thankfully the boys did great and the samples definitely helped!


In the evening we went to Craig’s Cruisers for Robb’s work summer party, we all had lots of fun!





Sunday was an exciting day:

We all got ready to go to church and about 5 minutes we were about to head out the door, we heard a horrible bang and a then lots of screaming! Robb ran to find Sadler bleeding from his forehead! He had run right into an open door in Gray’s room!

We got  him cleaned up and I thought it looked ok but Robb stayed home with him to make sure while Gray and I went to church.

During Sunday School I checked in with Robb, he ended up bringing him to Urgent Care to get stitches! Turns out he has an ear infection too, poor buddy!


And just to remind you Sadler had stitches in his fore head back in February too! He is one rough boy!

After that ordeal, we met Robb’s family at Village Inn for my birthday lunch!


Then we headed back to our house for cake and presents!


At night we went to the evening service at church. When we got home {Robb} watched the Lions play and {I} read my new book I got from Mom and Dad L.


Sadler is doing fine, nothing phases that kid, he was back to himself right away! I’ll take him in on Friday to have the stitches taken out.

Hope you all had a great, safe weekend!

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4 Responses to “ Weekend Wrap up ”

Cristin said...

I'm anticipating an urgent care trip with my 4 year old any day now. The child has no fear. The rougher the better. His sitter sent me a text the other day saying he'd climb every tree in her yard if she would let him. She can't keep his feet on the ground...neither can I.

Silly boys!

Jennifer Kay said...

I LOVE Sadler's big brown eyes in the Steak n' Shake picture!!!

Amanda said...

It was so nice to meet you on Saturday at CC. Sorry to hear about your little guy's accident...we've got one like that here too! :)

Elma said...

Wowwhat a weekend:) Hope the little ones has a good calm week!!! Boys!!!