Weekend + Monday Review

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I spent Friday night from about 5pm to 11:30pm at our church’s scrapbooking weekend! Robb took the boys to the mall, which I thought was hilarious! They played at the play place, went to the costume store, and the sporting goods store..all places I never go to when I’m at the mall with the boys, I’m sure they had a blast!

I worked on Sadler’s first year album, I loved looking through his baby pictures…this was right before taking Sadler home from the hospital, one of the happiest days of our lives


one of my favorite outfits on him, i loved having him wear bright colors and still do!


Saturday morning I went to Zumba at 7:30 and then got back to scrapbooking around 9:30 until 1:30. I got a lot done, but have a lot to go yet, too!

At night we went out for dinner at Zing with Scott and Stacey, the food was so good! This was Robb’s salmon!


The grandparents watched the boys while we had dinner and then we got the kids together to play back at our house for a little bit.

Sunday we went to church, I dropped the guys off at our church and then went to pick up Lisa and we headed to the church we do Zumba at to hear my friend, the instructor, Angie speak! We snuck out early to get back to our church in time for Sunday School!

After Sunday School Robb and I dropped the boys off by my parents and we hit the road for Minnesota. We stopped in Wisconsin Dells for dinner at Moose Jaw, a favorite from when we stayed there 2 summers ago. We also did a little outlet shopping there to break up our trip! A total of 10 hours later we were in Rochester at our hotel.


Monday morning we had a little time to kill before my appointment so we stopped by Kohl’s on the way to the clinic for a bit.


My appointment was at 10:30 back at my old stomping grounds on the 19th floor of the Mayo building. My doctor said my blood levels and all the reports from the testing I had done this summer looked very good, so thankful for another great report! Next year I’ll need another biopsy,  and those results show a little clearer picture on how my new kidney is doing, it would be the first place to show signs of rejection, scarring or recurrence of my disease, which as of 2 years ago at my last biopsy, there have been none! So, those are always a little more nerve wracking but good to find out how things are looking! In the meantime, I’ll continue to see my nephrologist in GR every 6 months.

Coming up in October will be the 4 year anniversary of my transplant, seems like just yesterday, and a lifetime ago, all at the same time.

After grabbing pizza at our favorite spot, we hit the road again to head home!

We got home around 10:30 last night! Thanks mom and dad for watching the boys.

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6 Responses to “ Weekend + Monday Review ”

Carrie said...

Great news! So happy your so healthy. By the way, I live near Madison, WI. We love Moose Jaw pizza! I would love to meet you sometime on your way through!

Ashton and John's mom said...

so happy to hear you received a good report!

we LOVE the moose jaw! we've eaten there every year for the last 15 that we've vacationed at the dells.

and rochester-oh, my favorite city on EARTH! my husband and I lived there for 2 short years (during which time he was diagnosed with a weird, crippling arthritis) until we were forced to return to our smaller hometown. my sister and her family still live in a small town outside of rochester. so luckily, I get to visit my favorite place OFTEN!

jillsloothaak said...

So thankful for a great report for you! Yay God and yay Paco!

Anonymous said...

Great news. Very curious as to why you keep having to go to Mayo Clinic? I thought that was a place for diseases and cancers that were not under control or people didn't know what was wrong. Can you educate me?

Mindy said...

long-time reader, first time commenter! I live about 14 miles from Rochester and also frequent Mayo 19 (but for Crohn's disease) Glad you've had such a great experience at Mayo. It's such an amazing place! :)

Elma said...

Such wonderful news!! God is so good!!