59 down...1 to go!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Today I completed by 59th in-center dialysis treatment. Tuesday is my last time, WOOT! WOOT! Then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday i have training for home dialysis and then i am on my own!!
Yesterday was a long day for us, lots of waiting in between appointments, we got pretty bored:
At night we ate at Red Lobster and then went shopping at a strip mall close by, we went to a TJ Maxx (thanks for the suggestion sarah) and found lots of good deals, i love a bargain!! (we did not buy these)
Then of course we had to get back to the hotel for opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics! And i really want to post the video i took of robb last night while he was sleep-talking, (it was hysterical) but he wouldnt approve. (hehe)

Nothing too exciting going on today, just dialysis this morning and we might try and find a movie theater later tonight!

Thanks for checking in, keep praying that robb's blood will be compatible!!

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8 Responses to “ 59 down...1 to go! ”

Anonymous said...

Robb- Won't you please let us see the video. We could use a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

You guys sure know how to have fun! I think you should have got the antlers (horns)- you know what I mean? They looked great. I can hardly believe the 59 times. Wow!
It's so good that God gives us strength for each day and even though we would like to know the future, it would have been hard to know it too. We're so proud of you Katie. It took alot of perserverance to wake up every other day and know what you were facing. (For those of you who have never been in a dialysis center - it's not a real fun place to be especially at 7:15a.m.! All of the people there are quite a bit older than Katie - some are really sick. The first time I brought her I wanted to pull the curtain around her so she didn't have to see all the people). I'm sure there were a few times you were tempted to give up, but God's strength and the prayers of others kept you going. God is so good!

Mindy Roelofs said...

HEHE!!!I cant wait to hear about what he said during his sleep!!!!
I am glad that you didn't but those antlers or whatever they were because they would probably scare Pacey away! We miss you and love you!!!See you soon!!!

Kyle & Mindy

Patrice said...

The video of Robb is a must!! Great to see both of you having fun!

Jacki said...

Katie & Robb,
Thanks so much for the updates at Mayo! We are so happy that you are getting some answers! I just pray you get even more good news before you leave! Thinking of you always! Love lots!

Rachel said...

Katie and Robb- We are keeping you both in our prayers everyday. Keep up the smiles, and keep trusting God. Also thanks for the updates..

Anonymous said...

Katie- how do you manage to look so cute despite everything? ; )

You are in our prayers every day. We hope that Rob is a match, or that you find another donor very soon. Keep giving us good news!

Jessica Klein said...

It's wonderful that you will be able to start home dialysis soon! Thanks for the continuous updates- it helps to know more about what is going on (especially when we include you and Robb in our prayers :) We'll have to get together when you guys return home. Hope you have a safe trip back.