How can that be?

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been six months since our sweet baby boy went to be with his Heavenly Father. Some days it seems like it's been longer, we have been through a lifetime of pain within six short months. But other times it seems like just yesterday, the hurt is still so raw.
Baby, we miss you and talk about you everyday, you will live on in our hearts forever.

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3 Responses to “ How can that be? ”

Nicole said...

Hi Katie - You don't know me but I am from The Nest.. I remember your post about your sweet baby back in April and I just came across a link to your blog the other night. I just want to say that even though you don't know me, I think of you often and because of you, I hug my boys a little tighter and a little longer each day thanking God that they are here. You have impacted my life with your strength and faith and I wish you so many blessings in the future. God bless you and your family. Stay strong and really, you are such a strong woman. I cannot even imagine what you have been through - but I will continue to pray for you and your family.

Nicole said...

Happy 6 Month Birthday Brenham! (Sorry I'm a day late) You have left such an amazing legacy, and I can't wait to meet you one day! You have the BEST mommy and daddy in the whole wide world and they love you so much! You have complete strangers that love you too!

Your Uppercase Living Demonstrator said...

Katie and Robb, I found your blog thru Missy and Lu (Our Journey)...I can't stop crying, It was so random to come across, and not expected at all...I can't stop crying...I read from the beginning, and began to leave a comment, mid comment I thought, "I believe God has given them another baby, I better keep reading" I kept reading, and I keep crying...I read your 101 things, and could probably write the same list...I feel like we are so similar, with the acception of maybe 5 things....but if we are so similar, great husbands, great values, longing desires to be young mommy's, then the only thing I don't understand is why you, and not me....why me, and not you...Lord, please, I don't understand...I do believe, and will continue to believe that God has put that "young mom" desire in to your heart and He will fulfill that. I do believe for some reason, at this time, today, I found your blog. I will be your prayer warrior, as God lays you all on my heart, on those days you can't pray anymore...I am celebrating with you your marriage that God has continued to bless, and the baby you will have in your arms again someday. Thank you so much for not holding back, but for sharing your story. This life is about our stories, and I thank you for sharing yours. Your story has touched me, and I know so many others lives. Don't give up. God has given you a great responsibility to share His testimony of your life. As you feel so much that you need so many, just know, that so many, really need YOU! Thanks again. Happy Birthday Brenham, thank you for your story buddy.