Mall of America!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We had a great time today at the Mall of America, we didnt do much shopping (lucky for Robb) but had a ton of fun anyways.
Here we are on the Log Chute ride:

And playing some mini-golf (i'm getting pretty good dad!)


And we even splurged and got aqua massages!!


Tomorrow we have a meeting with a dietitian and a social worker and then one last appt. with the dr. That will complete the transplant evaluation and we hope to be heading home around 4:00! Please pray for safe travel back home!

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10 Responses to “ Mall of America!! ”

Val said...

I love that you are having so much fun inbetween dr. appts.!!! Isnt that mall great!? We will be praying for you to come home safely tomorrow!

jference said...

Sounds like you two are trying to make the best of this trip, way to go! I just have one question, why do you have to see a social worker?

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie & Robb, Glad to see you guy's having a good time and laughing again. It is a good lesson for all of us to live each day to it's fullest. Good to see you getting a little practice at the golf game [katie]so we can have a little friendly competition when you get back. Just kidding, just messing with you head. Drive careful and can't wait till you get back. Love Dad

Hi Katie and Robb, It is good to see you guys having fun! Watch out Katie when we go mini-golf with you guys. Dad can't wait for the competition. Hope you get good night of sleep tonight. (Robb, that means you too, no sleep-talking tonight) Can't wait to see the video of a couple nights ago. Drive careful! Miss you guys. Love You!!! Mom

Anonymous said...


Looks like your having fun while your at Mayo. Good for you! You and Robb deserve it. Still praying for you guys and for a safe return.

Anonymous said...

Katie and Robb~
I just came across you e-blog and read everything from the start.
I just wanted to tell you that I think you are both amazing people.
You have gone through so much. You truly are such strong Chiristian couple.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie and Robb - thanks for the updates and all the pictures. You guys are an inspiration to me and happy to see that you were having some fun and laughs inbetween the appointments. Can't wait to see the pontoon that you will be towing back to MI. Hope you have a safe journey back home. ------ybzpzct
friend from ORC

Sandy said...

You look beautiful in your photos!! Hope you have a great trip home!

folkerts said...

Katie and Robb,
Glad to see you have your sense of humor along too! Hope you have had a productive and informative time at Mayo. Praying for you, and for safe travels and many good answers from doctors!
Myrna and family

The Klanderman Family said...

I just had a chance to catch with the last two weeks of your blogs! Wow! So much has happened in your lives in the past few weeks. We have been praying for you daily and continue to be amazed at how God works. Thanks for sharing your smiles and testimony to His miracles of grace and mercy. We love you. At His feet, Amy & the Kmans!

Anonymous said...

I randomly came across your blog and your story reminded me of this blog:

I find Angie to be inspirational and uplifting even when she has been faced with so much and would love to pass along her story to someone who can relate to her on many levels.
Enjoy and good luck with everything in the future :)