{2 in 1 Post} Chicago and Weekend

Monday, July 2, 2012

We left around 7:00 Wednesday morning with my parents for a couple days in the Chicago area. My dad and Robb had some meetings and training things so we just went along to enjoy some time away!
where the guys spent their time

running through the aisles of IKEA!
out for the count at Costco!
playing at chick fil a
we did a lot of shopping and the boys did great but after awhile they needed a little time out of the stroller/car seat/cart to play!
before we headed home on Thursday we got to sneak in one of the meetings/tours with the guys!
the boys loved it but we were obviously not dressed appropriately, noticed my ripped jeans ;)
even thought we didn’t do anything that exciting it was fun to get away for a couple days and enjoy the town!
we had another great weekend kicked off by a cook out with Robb’s cousins Scott and Stacey Friday night .
Sadler helped me vacuum before they came! You can never start to young :)
Thankfully it cooled off just enough and we enjoyed a meal out on the patio and had a great evening!
Gray had soccer camp on Saturday morning, which he wasn’t too enthused about this week. The past weeks he’s done great and has a fun time but Saturday was another story, he just wasn’t feeling it!
We had a picnic lunch when we got home
the boys took great naps while robb and i did some yard work.
We had a family date night at Applebee's for dinner and then did some browsing around at Lowe's! (btw, i used to HATE Lowe's, but things change when you have a house full of boys! they just love it there so now I can tolerate it ;)
When we got home I made my first batch of homemade laundry detergent, I think I’ll like it!
and the boys made muffins for us to enjoy Sunday morning!
We spent the day with the family at the cottage on Sunday. gray went on his first tube ride of the season!
in the evening we had some friends come out for dinner and a pontoon ride!
can’t believe its July already! lovin’ these summer weekends!

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5 Responses to “ {2 in 1 Post} Chicago and Weekend ”

Brandy said...

Homemade laundry detergent? Seriously? Impressive!

Jodi said...

You had a busy weekend but looks like fun. Too funny that you go to Lowes for fun! The boys are so cute and I like their names.

Maryann said...

What was your laundry recipe?! Love your kitchen!!

Bren said...

Fun in the sun!

BTW, I nominated you for two awards (details on my blog, if you are interested...there's some stuff you gotta do). Not sure, you may have gotten these ones before, but I thought I'd nominate you anyway!

Elma said...

Wow what fun!! Did you find anything good at Ikea?? Your boys are just to cute!!!Enjoy this hot hot weather we are having.