Part 2

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My hair client tonight went a little faster than I thought, and the guys are still out and about, so I have a little time to bang out a few more questions!


Shakira wondered what Gray is swimming in, in the picture of him in he life jacket.


I don’t have a picture of this particular one, but here’s a similar one we had last year,


its called a relaxation station, from Sam’s Club, that we have anchored to the bottom of the lake, we spent 90% of our time at the cottage relaxing on this thing!
sadly, we just discovered a hole and it no longer holds air :( hoping to get a new one soon (hint hint, mom and dad!)

The middle mesh part fills up with water depending on how much you jump around on it. The water depth around the float is over his head so if he were to fall off the side, we have him wear a life jacket.

But in all honestly, he prefers to wear it in any water depth! I started calling Gray Mr. Careful today b/c he wanted to wear a life jacket in the sprinkler!! True story. He is SO unlike his brother in that way, I’m thankful to have at least one child who sees danger, even if its not there!


Rachel C wondered where to find the freezer meal recipes, click here!

Amy asked if I had done “a day in the life post” yet.  Yes, I do it every year on July 7, click here to check it out!

Last one for today, I get a lot of questions about how I do my hair. I did a quick little tutorial awhile back, you can find it here. I’ve thought about doing a vlog to show you how I do it, but I know I would want to redo it 100 times because I can only imagine how dumb I would look talking to the camera in front of the mirror while I do my hair! That would take A LOT of convincing, maybe someday! In the mean time, check out some volume tricks on pinterest. That’s my top hair tip, make sure you have some volume, and in some my case, a lot of volume!

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