Part 3

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


anonymous wondered if we’ll adopt another child. We are not pursuing another adoption at this point, but you never know what God has planned. If an opportunity arose though, it would be hard to say no. We love adoption and have been so blessed by it!

I’ve gotten lots of questions/requests about our new home. Anonymous wrote:

Katie- Why do you always avoid questions regarding your home you and your husband built? I regularly follow your blog (and LOVE reading it) and have seen over the last few months lots of people comment on wanting to see pictures of your home. And if you have made the choice not to, you never even acknowledge their questions, instead seem to avoid it completely. Is there at least a specific reason you have chosen not to? You did lots of posts on the progression of it being built, but once you moved in haven't mentioned it at all. Just curious!

You’re right, I admitted before that I haven’t been doing a good job of replying to questions, it’s important to remember we have a busy life outside of this blog! But I’m devoting some time now to answer them. I want to first point out that these posts take me a long time to write, I always try to be careful how I write things and not step on anyone’s toes about my personal opinions and thoughts.

So that being said, here’s the deal on the house, at this point I do not planning on posting picture of our house in a ‘tour’ format. It’s not that I’m trying to hide anything or be mysterious about it, if you look back over the past months there are plenty of videos and pictures of our home in the background. Even during our building process I only posted a handful of pictures and they are mostly of the outside. This is because of a couple things, first off I honestly don’t feel comfortable ‘showing off’ the house, it feels like bragging to me and that the last thing I want to do. Even in real life I feel so awkward at times, giving tours. I’ve even had my mom or grayden do it for me a couple times! It just sometimes puts me in an uncomfortable position to say to some guests, “here’s our closet, and look at at our shower, yada, yada, yada.”

And the other reason is that I can’t handle the rude comments that may come up. With the few pictures I have posted I’ve had a handful of ‘opinions’ that really upset me. I think it’s still too new and too fresh right now.  This is our dream home, we’ve put lots of time and work into designing it and decorating it just they way we wanted and we LOVE it. I don’t want or need anyone’s rude opinions about the size, or the fact that we have kitchenette in our basement (which by the way, is quite common here) to take that away.

Maybe someday I’ll grow some thicker skin or the rude commenters will go away and then I would love to show you some pictures, just not right now. Sorry.


Last question for now comes from Emily:

Hi Katie! My question is: What is your favorite thing about being a stay at home mom? And also what is your least favorite? Do you ever think you will go back to work? Or always stay home, and so hair like you do now.

I love staying home with my boys at their young age, maybe at some point when they are both in school I will look for something part time, but it would still be important to me to be able to be available for school trips, and be right there to pick them up if they got sick, etc.

I think I have the best of both worlds right now, I get to spend all day with my kids and work at night when Robb is home to watch them, for some adult interaction!

My favorite thing about staying home is just being able to be with them, they are growing up so fast and I love that I don’t miss a thing! I’m not saying there is anything wrong with working outside the home, I think everyone has to do what works best for them. For me, I think it comes down to me being a control freak and me wanting to do things just so and stick to their routine, etc. That’s probably also the reason we’ve only had a babysitter (other than family) once, that was 2 years ago! I know, I have issues! I seriously typed out a list on how we do things and it was only for a few hours!

My least favorite is probably just that is gets tiring, day after day, especially on those grumpy days. Sometimes it would be nice to have a break but that would mean I’d have to work and I would have a hard time going back to a ‘real job’, unless I’m doing hair and being my own boss, setting my own hours and pay like I do now! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to stay home and work a little on the side, in my eyes, I have the best of both worlds!

Thanks for the questions, I’m hoping to finish up tonight

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15 Responses to “ Part 3 ”

Anonymous said...

Hi! I read your blog and I LOVE it. I appreciate that you are not into showing off your home. I am a stay at home mom and it was a sacrafice for us...we have a beautiful home, but it is not as big or fancy as some of the ones I see people showing off in their blogs....sometimes I can get down on myself or start thinking "I wish..." and I don't like that. I realize thats probably my own issue...but I don't read blogs to see who has the biggest best house...if that makes any sense....

Kate said...

thank you for understaning! i appreciate your comment!

Ashley said...

I can't believe anyone would want to post rude comments on your blog Katie. I love your blog :) And from the pictures that have your home in the background, it is beautiful :)

Bren said...

Your home is beautiful, and I personally love the idea of a kitchenette in the basement :)

Rude people are either jealous, or people with nothing better to do! Just remember that!

Jami said...

This makes me sad... sad that you have to deal with rude comments. I was one who asked about a tour of your home and from what I can tell it looks beautiful!!! I do appreciate your reasonings.

We too have only had a sitter one time outside of family members. It was only because my oldest had a preschool Christmas program, my youngest was 15 months at the time and I wanted to focus on the program. Of course all the grandparents came to the program, we used a friend from church. My in-laws are getting to the point where they have a hard time taking care of both out boys for extended time periods, I'm going to need to find a legit sitter soon.

The Kowalskis said...


We follow one another via instagram but I wanted to say hi here, too! I am a long time reader but with two boys {3 next week & 15 months} I am often reading blogs via phone and on the go, and don't ever comment.

We also built a house during the exact time you did! I kept a blog designated to just that because of all our family & extended family that wanted to share in the process with us. I pretty much stopped posting as soon as we moved in for the same reasons you wrote about... it just felt... weird. I totally get it, but would still love to see your pictures because I love your style ;) Having also just built a house I am so interested in all of that!

Anyways, love your blog & your boys and following along {we also live in Michigan... northern Michigan!}. Try not to take any of those rude comments to heart... it's so much easier for people to be mean on the internet then to someone's face. Sad, but true.

I have loved reading all your answers! :)

Alycia Turner said...

I love that you did a Q&A for us!! I'm sorry you get rude comments.

Also, you should never have to show or tell about anything you do not want to.


Anonymous said...

I do enjoy stopping by and reading your blog! Thanks for all the great posts and thoughts. The one question I have, and I don't want this to be considered rude, is what does your husband do? I would love love to stay home with my kids but we could never afford it. I easliy get down on myself that all these moms get to stay home, do lots of trips/activities with thier kids and have beautiful homes etc etc. I guess I just always wonder...where do people get the money?

SS said...

I completely understand not wanting to show pictures of the house. I have been happy with seeing pieces in the background, although I too, wondered why there was no tour. I "get it" now. I am still dying to see the bathroom (I think) that you put wallpaper in, or on one wall. Maybe that can be in the background of an upcoming picture. =) Keep up the posts! I love reading about you and your family. I still have no clue what anyone can be saying that is rude so don't let anyone get you down.

Brandy said...

I too was one of the people who wanted to see your awesome kitchen because we are building and picking out sinks and stuff! I love your paint colors and I think you have great taste! I hate it that rude people can't just find something else to do with their time! Although, I totally understand sharing what you're comfortable with sharing too! I don't even have a facebook page:) Love the Q&A and thanks for the time and effort you put into everything.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog for awhile and don't usually comment but I wanted to after reading today. I hope you never get another negative comment and it frustrates me that someone would be negative to you. You have been so honest with your story and feelings and you share yourself for others to read about that I just find it terrible that someone would be negative. I have been wanting to see pictures but completely understand why. I love reading your blog and hope you never grow "thick skin," people just need to have kinder hearts.

Elma said...

I to was one that wanted to see more of your home. We also built a house and people do act like we have money comming out of our ears and it does make me feel bad that I do have a nice home. I have family members who make me feel bad all the time. My husband works super hard so I can stay home and why can't we have something nice? We have earned it. I just love seeing homes to get ideas for mine since I am not to good and decorating:) Thanks for your posts!!!

Jaclyn said...

Don't even worry about rude comments! Just ignore them...I can't even believe that some people would have a rude comment to say. You and Rob worked hard for your dream home, and you should enjoy EVERY second of it! It's OK to show it off and take pride in've worked hard for it. Don't let the "debbie-downers" get to you. :)

DianeTaylor said...

Hi Katie - remember me? I used to comment alot on your blog - but I have been MIA lately as my only child my miracle boy Jonathan was taken from me suddenly on March 1st when his apartment caught fire. To say I am devastated would be a gross understatement. I finally started reading blogs again and have been catching up on my favorites. I know you have a bunch of questions from your readers - mine is about grief. I know you understand about the loss of a child. My son was 24 and lived a purpose filled life - his future looked so bright! I will never understand why he was taken so soon. Our journeys are different yet the same. I wanted to ask how you got thru this painful year of "firsts". My heart is so empty and filled with sadness and anger :( SO NOT ME!!!

Anyway - sorry I have been mia - I have missed your wonderful blog and all your stories.

My advice? It's your blog - you control the content! Do what feels right to you!!!!!

Thanks so much and I'm glad to be back in blog-commenting land :)


Brooke said...

I too asked about a tour of your beautiful home! Now I totally understand your reason not wanting to share! Love following you and your family!