4th and final part

Thursday, July 19, 2012

finishing up the last couple of questions today.

a few of you have wondered what Robb does for a living and questioned our finances. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I don’t think many people (myself included) think the latter is an appropriate thing to talk about, so I won’t be going into that but I’m happy to tell you about Robb’s job!

Robb has worked as a truck salesmen for the past 11 years and he does a great job at it! I know I don’t tell him this enough, but I am so proud of him and all his hard work! Sometimes he works more hours than I’d like him to, or he’s on the phone a lot but I know it’s all part of the job and he does it to provide for our family.


Chelsea  asked  “what are some of your favorite kids brands/products?”

For my boys, at the ages they are at now, affordability is key, they can be rough on their clothes and toys so I don’t spend much money on that stuff at all! I always use a coupon or wait for a sale. I love to shop at Old Navy for the boys, they have cute and trendy styles that hold up well and at great prices. I also buy a lot of their clothes from Children’s place and Gap outlet, they both have great sales going on often. I used to shop at Carter’s for them a lot but we’re starting to phase out of there a little.

I rarely buy toys and when I do I don’t particularly look for certain brands, but I do love Melissa and Doug products. We have lots of their puzzles!


After the tragic loss of her son Jonathon, Diane asked, “how did you get through the painful year of ‘firsts’?

Diane, I am so heartbroken and devastated for you. So tragic and awful. I am so sorry you are walking this difficult road. The first year was the hardest for me and many others in the grieving process. The ‘firsts’ are so hard.  I could not have gotten through it without the support of many people; my husband, friends and family. I hope you have people there who can support you and pray for you during this time. Nothing made me feel ‘better’ other than the promise of Heaven and the future of spending eternity in Heaven with my son someday. Lean on Jesus, He loves you and will give you strength to make it through the day. Day by day, girl! Again, I am so sorry and I’ll be praying for you and your family.

Until we meet at Jesus’ feet,


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8 Responses to “ 4th and final part ”

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading this post! You are such a fun, yet "normal" person! You have a way with words, and if I had gone through a tragic loss, reading your words would bring me such peace. It is a gift you have, Katie. Thank you for taking time to do this!


Michelle Claire said...

LOVE your blog! Been reading doe awhile and will continue to do so. :)

PS Don't listen to people who comment about your house. It's gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

You are not old fashioned at all!!! I think people are just curious is all. Also...if they read your blog in detail they would know your hubby and dad work together and alot of your travel are perks with the job.

Daniels Five said...

Please know that we are all blessed by what you have gifted us with when you share on the blog. You have the right to leave certian things a personal as it is between you, God and your family. All else is a gift you give us and we should be content with what you provide. Those with negative or "nosy" post need to remember that no one is forcing them to participate in your blog. You are not asking them for what they think about how you live your life. You have chosen to follow Gods leading in the way that you feel that he is leading you. Your strong faith shines thru. I know that you bring encouragement to many. Please do not be discouraged and know you are a blessing thru this blog and the memories you are saving for your family are priceless. Michelle

Traci said...

My husband works way too hours and I I know I complain way too much, I need to be better about that.

I too think your house looks great and people ask about your finances? That's rude.

Ashley B. said...

Holy cats! My hubs and I don't even discuss our finances with our parents, siblings, extremely close friends! It's a private subject. I'm not sure why anyone would think you should share yours with the internet???

Kate said...

Anon 8:20 yes I moderate comments

Nancy Beyer said...

People seriously asked about your finances? I am in awe!! Sorry, I'm just in shock some of the things people ask...good for you for standing your ground! :) Unless you're Dave Ramsey...totally inappropriate!