Part 1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I’m breaking these Q&A posts up into parts, so here’s round 1 of the answers to your questions!

I’ll start with a super fun one from Jordyn.

“How did you chose your three boys names? Brenham, Grayden and Sadler are very unusual and I wanted to know how you came to find them? Also were there any back up names and if you were to have a future child, do you have any name ideas?”

I love baby names so this is so fun for me to talk about! When we were working on naming our boys we obviously choose different names, if we knew anyone with a certain name, it was thrown out.

When I was pregnant with Brenham we didn’t find out the baby’s gender, but that was the only time we had to come up with a boy and a girl name, we knew both Grayden and Sadler were boys shortly after we were chosen by their birthparents. Obviously, with Brenham we thought we had a while yet to finalize on a name but the forerunners for a girl were Elsie (rhymes with Kelsey) but once I found out that Borden Cheese’s mascot was “Elsie the Cow” we became a little hesitant. We also liked Edyn, (pronounced like Eden/the garden of Eden) after my dad, Ed, who doesn’t have any sons to pass on the family name to so we considered. For boys, we had liked Brecken, Grayden and Brenham and decided on Brenham just a few days before he was born. I found his name on a baby name website. His middle name, Jay, is also Robb’s as well as both our dad’s middle names.

Before Grayden was born we made a list of a few names and let his birth mom choose because she wanted some input on naming him, and we just couldn’t decide! Also on the list was Deacon, Grayden, Breton and Sadler. I came up with Grayden’s name on my own, back when we were pregnant with Brenham, we still liked it and so did his birth mom. I had liked the name Grayson but it was becoming a little more popular and I had also heard of a few girls named Gracyn so I switched it up a bit to Grayden! His middle name, Robert was chosen by his birth mom, it was her father’s name and Robb’s given name, so we thought it was perfect!

Sadler’s name was left over from when we were choosing names for Grayden and we both still loved it! We also didn’t have much time to decide, so Sadler it was! I  found it on a baby name website. The other option for him was Crue (pronounced Crew) but Robb was not a fan.  His middle name, Graham, is a combo of both his big brothers names GRAyden and BrenHAM.

I always feared I would have naming regret and spent HOURS AND HOURS choosing their names. But I can still say I love all 3 of the boys names just as much as I did when we named them. They each fit them perfectly!!


Other names we threw around but for whatever reason didn’t make the cut: Sutton, Sullivan, Coleson, Lincoln, (love that name but sadly I don’t think it flows with our last name) Parker, Easton, Griffin…should i keep going?! haha!

Girl names were SO hard for us, luckily we only had to think about them once and that was 4 years ago! I honestly can’t think of ANY girl names off the top of my head that I’d consider if we had a baby girl land on our doorstep one day (although I’m sure I could find something if the need arose!)  Edyn is out (sorry, dad!), too rhyme-y with Grayden, I like Sadie, but its too close to Sadler, Evie is cute but I don’t know if I could just name her “evie” we like a few more letters for the given name (picky, picky, i know!)  but Evelyn is a little to common for me…see what I mean, girls are hard!


Okay next up I’ve been asked about the baked oatmeal and laundry detergent recipes. Click here for the baked oatmeal, found it on pinterest! Sadler liked it the most, it was good but I have to be honest and say I only made it/ate it because it was healthy-ish!

My friend Anne, gave me the laundry detergent recipe, its super easy!
Grate a bar of Fels.nap.tha and add it to a cup of washing soda and a cup of borax (all found in the laundry aisle) you need 1-2 tablespoons for a regular load!


Last topic for today, 3-school!

Yes, Grayden is going to three-school. He’ll go 2 mornings a week for 2 hours. Next year he’ll be in pre-school and then Kindergarten. This is mainly just a way that I can ease him and myself into all day, everyday kindergarten the schools are now offering. I also know he’ll love the social interaction with kids his age, that he typically doesn’t get other than an hour or so during Sunday School each week.

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7 Responses to “ Part 1 ”

Carrie said...

Katie, I so love your name options. We are expecting our 2nd and for us, girl names are so easy but we can not decide on a boy name. I absolutely love unique names like all 3 of your boys (love their names!). If we find out we are having a boy, I may have to message you for more naming options!

Kim said...

I've commented before, but I love Grayden! It's my oldest son's name and I have only ever heard of one other person (besides your Grayden) with the name. Our middle son is Bennett and our new baby is Elliott. Lots of the names on your list were on mine too, I guess great minds think alike!

Jordyn said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to both answer my question and give it a thorough answer. I am a baby name fanatic and loved some of your names (particularly Coleson!) I absolutely love all the boys names and love that Sadler carries both his brothers through his middle name. I cannot wait to read more q&a's!

Jessica G. said...

Ooh, I loved reading about you picking names! And I think it is adorable that Grayden's middle name is both Robb's name and his birth mother's father's name. Kind of a cool coincidence. You two definitely do a great job picking names. I love all three!

Jodi said...

Love that you included the birth mother in naming. So special for your son to know all of you chose his name together!

Katie said...

I like that you included the birth mom in the naming process!!!! We named our son Brenym and whenever anybody asks where we came up with his name, we get to tell them YOUR Brenham's story.

MiniMe Mom said...

Love Deacon! It was my number one choice for Bryce:-)

Josh thought, "Well, what if someday he is a deacon in church?" Then, he will be Deacon Deacon.


I still love that name, even though Josh vetoed it!