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Monday, July 16, 2012

I haven’t been good about answering questions left in the comment section that some of you have left lately, but I’m hoping to get to them in the next couple days. So, if you have one that I haven’t replied too, leave it in the comment section and I’ll answer them in a post coming up.

But one quick answer to a question I remember off the top of my head; “you bake in this heat"?” yes, i do (rarely) bake and I cook too! we typically only go out to eat on the weekends so we gotta eat somehow! Also, it hasn’t been quite as hot here the last few days as it had been the week before, so baking the oatmeal for 25 minutes in the air conditioned house didn’t bother me one bit. random! (I took that question to be a little snarky so if it wasn’t meant that way, then I apologize for the snarky, but true, response!)

(I hate to even have to mention this but, just a reminder, rude questions/comments will be answered in the same manner or ignored, but I’m sure that wont be an issue, right?! ;) Honestly, I’m a pretty open book and I’m happy to answer just about any question you have, but we all know what’s acceptable and what’s not, so let’s just keep it friendly and clean!)


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12 Responses to “ on another note ”

Jordyn said...

yes, finally a q&a, and i promise, i;m not trying to be ride with some of my questions- just a long time blog reader trying to find out some more:)

1) How did you chose your three boys names? Brenham, Grayden and Sadler are very unusual and I wanted to know how you came to find them? Also were there any back up names and if you were to have a future child, do you have any name ideas?

2) Could you please show finished pictures of that beautiful house of yours?

please answer these and thank you for your time!

Rachel C said...

Hi! love your blog, and your cute boys :)
I saw where you mentioned your cooking blog - do you have the link on here b/c I'd love to get some new recipes. Thanks!

Alycia Turner said...

Not really a question, Katie, just wanted to say you're not the only one who bakes in this heat!

I bake pies, cookies, and make fry pies weekly, and sell them at 3 different markets. One market is bi-weekly, the other two markets are weekly, Which means I'm usually baking 5 days a week, with NO air conditioning! I do try to get up early and knock out as much baking as possible early in the morning (before 8 am) each day. :)

I don't always comment, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, and I think your 3 boys are beautiful!

OH, and like the previous person asked, I, too, am curious as to how you picked your sons names. They are beautiful and unique names!

Anonymous said...

I would love to finished pictures of your home - inside and out! It looks gorgeous from the sneak peaks we see

Anonymous said...

You seem to not worry about $. You are always on a little get away...building a home..going to dinner and such. How at your young age can u afford this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!
My question is:

What is your favorite thing about being a stay at home mom? And also what is your least favorite? Do you ever think you will go back to work? Or always stay home, and so hair like you do now.


Anonymous said...


I would love to see pictures of your home. It would be fun to see how you designed it all.

Chelsea and Jon said...


I love reading about your family; I am originally from W. Michigan, and now in Colorado, so I love seeing pictures from the area! My question: the boys are always super duper cute, what are some of your favorite kids brands/products?


Anonymous said...


Why do you always avoid questions regarding your home you and your husband built? I regularly follow your blog (and LOVE reading it) and have seen over the last few months lots of people comment on wanting to see pictures of your home. And if you have made the choice not to, you never even aknowledge their questions, instead seem to avoid it completely. Is there at least a specific reason you have chosen not to? You did lots of posts on the progression of it being built, but once you moved in haven't mentioned it at all.

Just curious!

Anonymous said...

Will you adopt another child?

Elma said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog and can tell you are such a super mom. Your boys are adorable and yes I have nose problems and would love to see more of how you decorated your new home:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

I have a question, what does your hubby do for a living? You post pics from time to time of him at work, or going with him to conferences, but haven't mentioned what exactly he does? Thanks!