Back from the Seminar

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Robb, both of my parents, Robb's mom and myself just got back from the kidney seminar at Saint Mary's in G.R. The information was pretty much stuff I already knew. But we did get to meet Jill, my transplant coordinator, who was really helpful and totally on board with the speedy process we are hoping for.
We also found out more information through her about the antibodies. She explained that most likely I do have some antibodies that resulted from the 2 blood transfusions and also the pregnancy can form them. But the testing will provide us with a certain percentage of them. The higher that antibody percentage the harder it is to find a donor, but not impossible. :) They have done 2 transplants on people with 100% antibodies. So worse case scenario is I have 100% antibodies and have to wait for a deceased donor with compatible antibodies. That could be YEARS. She guessed I wouldn't be 0% but probably not 100% either. That is quiet the range, but at least now I know a little more about that.
We have some forms to fill out and we will send those out tomorrow and as soon as they receive them they will be calling that day or the next to set up the evaluation. The evaluation will be a series of tests to determine if I would be a candidate or not and most importantly the antibody percentage. Please keep praying that the antibody percentage is low and also that I can get an appointment as soon as possible. I am ready to get this ball rolling.
I will keep you posted!

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4 Responses to “ Back from the Seminar ”

Tim & Kate said...

Katie - I've been following your story for a while now and just wanted to let you and Robb know that my husband and I are praying for both of you guys and your family as you go through this difficult time. May God grant you peace during this trial.

Justine said...

Hey Katie!
I'm glad to hear you got through the seminar. My youngest sister had a successful liver transplant 7 1/2 years ago. They really work miracles! I'm also very happy that you seem to like your coordinator. She'll be your right hand girl while you wait. I'll keep praying that it comes quickly and that a live donor is an option!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for good news on the antibody front and the transplant front. Keep your chin up.

Anonymous said...

Katie, Dad & I can't imagine the hurt, the pain you and Robb are going through especially with Mothers Day coming up this Sunday. We know how much you miss Brenham. Know that we are hurting along with you, we hurt because you are hurting and as your Dad and Mom - Katie - we want to make things better, but we can't right now. We love you and Robb so much and it hurts to see you guys in such pain. You are an amazing strong young couple. And I sure that God is using you to help and touch others. You are an inspiration to others. We are praying and thinking about you and Robb all the time. God is Faithful and He will carry us through. Love You.