Two more ?'s

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

that need answers:

**i was wondering what you found helpful or not helpful from the nurses at your hospital. i am hoping to learn how to better support my patients who, like you, suffer the loss of a child.

I loved my nurses and was very happy with the care i received at my hospital. the best thing they did for me was encourage me to hold him (I wasnt sure i wanted to at first)and to take pictures. They told me i could hold him as long as i wanted and they would go get him for me to hold whenever i wanted...i even asked for him in the middle of the night. I felt very odd taking pictures of him at first but i am SO glad, i did. i would be lost without them. and of course i would give anything to hold brenham again so i would just suggest to you to really encourage your patients to do that too.
And just tell them how sorry you are, my nurses cried with us and that really made me feel like they cared and that i wasnt just another patient.
I hope you never have to deal with mothers who have lost their babies again, that must be awful, but i hope this helps. I am sure you are a great nurse, just that you cared enough to ask.

*What water did you land in?
We dipped down in a small murky pond behind Hamilton High School, I never even knew it was there before.

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3 Responses to “ Two more ?'s ”

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and although I don't know you, my sypathies and prayers are with you and your family, in this difficult year.

One of the reasons I keep reading is because your strength, courage and faith in God in your situation helps me get through my day. You are truly an inspiration, and I'll continue to send good vibes and big vitual hugs your way. Take Care.

orangestar17 said...

Hello Katie,

You don't know me, I'm Jenny (Brongemonger on the Nest) and I have been reading your blog for quite awhile now. I think about you, your husband, and Brenham very often and I pray for you and hope that with each day, life can get just a teeny bit easier to deal with for you.

You are such a strong amazing woman. Your baby boy is an angel in heaven and you are an angel here on earth.

Much love to you,


Crystal said...

Katie, Please read my latest blog! :)