It has arrived....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day.
A day I had anticipated for so long while I was pregnant has become a day of sadness for us. What should have been the happiest time on our life, has turned out to be the hardest. As other mom's are receiving handmade, scribbled cards, I have one's in memory of my child. As they sit in church smiling from the recognition of their day, I sit in tears.
I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers you've had for me today, my first mother's day. It's definitely been a struggle for many reasons... without me having to explain all of the many reasons why, I am sure you know.
I have received lots of nice cards (one being from my hubby that was actually a birthday card, not a mothers day card, but hey, he tried :) emails, messages and gifts from many people. Thank you so much for acknowledging me as a mother even though my child isn't here for me to nurture and care for.
A very special gift came from Brenham's Uncle Jeremy. He got me a rose bush and wrote a very touching letter about how he wanted to get me a rose bush because it represented my life.The thorns represent life's struggles and hardships along the way but the flowers represent the good times that follow, like returned heath and more babies :) Isn't that thoughtful? What a sweet uncle Brenham has. :)
And also some friends from church dropped off this adorable bag filled with goodies.
The pocket insert on the front says:
Brenham Jay
Safe In His Hands

How very sweetly you tiptoed into our world
Almost silently, only a moment you stayed.
But what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our heart

*Here is a close up of it, the picture turned out kinda blurry but you get the idea!*

I will never use another purse again, (well maybe, I do have quite the collection :) I LOVE it!!

We also realized today as we visited Brenham's grave site after church that his headstone arrived sometime within this past week. What a precious gift. To know his life, death and Home-going will be acknowledged by all who visit there. He will never be forgotten.
I feel so lucky to have such great family and friends who have been so sensitive and understanding of the difficulty today brings. Thank you all for your support.

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10 Responses to “ It has arrived.... ”

Amber06 said...

I have thought about you a lot today. I am still so sorry for your pain. You are a mother however so this is your day. Do something just for you so you can get your mind off things.

Scott & Stacey's Blog said...

We have been thinking about you and praying for you today. Hope things go well for you on Monday as well. We will be praying for positive, fast results!
Happy Mother's Day
Love ya,
Scott & Stacey

Nicole said...

Happy Mother's Day Katie! This is to you and the wonderful environment you provided for Brenham in his short time here! There are many things to question and be sad about, but I wanted to celebrate with you on what a fantastic mommy you are and will be! So many women don't even know what it feels like to have a baby growing and moving inside of them, but you did. Though your time was short with him, this comment is meant to praise your fantastic and encouraging personality as a mommy! So hold your head high and keep the faith for the many more chances you'll have to see and hear your children celebrating you on Mother's Day!
Nicole B.

Anonymous said...

I know today must have been so hard for you, but I just have been thinking that Brenham is sending love to his mommy on earth. To be in Gods care is so good and I'm praying for you today- Happy Mothers Day!

Crystal said...

Happy Mother's Day. Very very sweet and thoughtful gifts.

Kellie said...

Katie, It sounds like your day went a lot better than mine. You seem to be dealing so well, considering. I just pray for the kind of strength that you have every day. You have so much faith and inner strength for what you have and are going through. From one mommy to another mommy, God bless.

Jessica Klein said...

Sorry it is a day late, but I wanted to be sure and wish you a happy Mother's Day! You were in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day, as you will be today also as you go in for your testing. Good luck!

Nate Vande Guchte said...


You and Robb continue to be in my prayers. You two are an inspiration to many of us! Thank you for keeping us updated, it's uplifting everytime I read. I am praying for you today, and hope for nothing but good news. As Kristen and I get married this summer, we look to the two of you with admiration and respect. You are examples of what love and marriage should look like. You are surronded by love and support. Until next time, keep the faith...



Anonymous said...

Last night at church when we were talking about courage, I thought to myself that you are the most couragous person that I have ever known. Although I do not know the feeling of losing a child, my "mommy heart" knows your "mommy heart", and I know what a struggle it must be for you to get out of bed each morning and face the world. I know that although your health problems are a huge struggle, all you really want is to hold your baby. I think about your hurting heart so many times when I am enjoying Avery, and I am so sad for you.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you so much yesterday on Mother's Day, but didn't get a chance to catch you. You are a mom, and the Lord is good and you will enjoy holding and bringing up children again. We pray that all your testing goes ok, and things will flow along well for you. You are very courageous to keep walking with your head held high. You are really blessing others when you let them care for you and love you. You are providing a chance for others to worship God by caring for you. I could tell Mothers Day at church had to be extemely difficult for you, but you came anyway and didn't hide. You're an awesome young woman, and the Lord is going to keep blessing you. You're showing others how to trust God in crisis, but still being real and admitting how hard it is.
Praying for our Lord to bless you and keep you.