Well that was a disappointment

Monday, May 12, 2008

So apparently the evaluation testing is a 2-3 appointment process. So todays appointment was quiet the disappointment. We met with the nephrologist (kidney specialist) and he was pretty cut and dry. Kind of a downer dude. We learned a lot of things that we have never been told before, all of which were pretty discouraging. One of his main concerns is that the type of kidney disease I have may not be at its worst stage yet. Meaning he may want to hold off on the transplant and continue with dialysis for awhile until he is sure it wont re-appear a few weeks after a potential transplant. I know that probably sounds like a good thing but it was not what I wanted to hear. I just want to get the transplant asap and get on with "normal life". But he is not sure yet if that is the case. He also had some pretty bad side effects to tell us about.
As far as testing today went, all I had was a basic physical and some X-rays done, no blood work to test for antibodies :( What a let down. I had been preparing myself all weekend for this and it didnt even happen.
We set up the next evaluation appointment for next week wednesday at 9:00 am, this will be an all day appointment (until 3 pm-ish) where I will meet with 2 different surgeons and also get more of the testing done.
So I am in a bad mood now, we really heard NOTHING positive today. It was all bad. Please pray that the next one goes better.

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5 Responses to “ Well that was a disappointment ”

Justine said...

I'm sorry it was so disappointing yesterday!! I hate when you get all geared up for something and then it's not what you expected....Stay positive!! I am praying for you continuously!

Crystal said...

I'm so sorry it wasn't what you were expecting yesterday. At least you got part 1 of 3 done! I hope next week goes better!

Anonymous said...

You two have been on my mind and in my prayers. Now I'll pray about your "mood" and for the dialysis to keep you strong. Also you didn't mention infection so hopefully that's ok. The sun did come up this morning and God's love for us hasn't changed. May He send small reminders your way to help you to hold on--and when you think you can't remember He is holding you. Praying in Hamilton, Judy

Anonymous said...

I hope that you get some more positive news at the next appointment. Also, please be gentle with yourself. I completely understand and sympathize with the desire to get this done and move on with your life. But your body needs to go at its own pace, and trying to speed things along might be counterproductive. You are young, and you will have plenty of years after the transplant to have beautiful, healthy brothers and sisters for Brenham to watch over from Heaven. I truly believe that. I know that "be patient" is much easier said then done (and trust me, this is totally hypoctical because I'm the least patient person in the world). But give yourself time. Before you know it, this too shall pass.

Anonymous said...


Fellow July Sparkler - BeachBride72106 here..I just wanted to tell you thank you. Your blog and your strength through the loss of Brenham has already helped someone else. I went in last Friday (May 9) for a routine doctor's appointment. There was no fetal heartbeat. We had lost our baby sometime that day (I felt the baby that morning). The doctor sent me to the hospital asap to get things started. I gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday. Because of your story I had an idea of what to expect. I realized the importance of taking pictures and holding my baby the short time that I could. I asked Tracy to add my son Wyatt George to the prayer list of the July Sparklers along with Brenham's and again thank you.