My "Report Card"

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I got the results of my monthly labs today at dialysis and things are looking great! My hemoglobin is finally up where is should be at 12.6 which is way up from 5 like it was before my first transfusion. Yeah! And all other numbers are also in the normal range other than my phosphorus level is a touch high. That will be controlled by medication and diet. This may not mean much to all of you, but it is great news to us!
I am a little concerned that my site is infected again, b/c it has been a little warm and tender to the touch today. But the nurse said it looked fine. So who knows. Once again if it would be infected, that is bad news. Bacteria growing on plastic is hard to clear up and the port may have to be removed if antibiotic won't clear it up. Please pray that it is not infected. I am sure that the nurse knows what she is doing but it has been feeling fine up until now so I am just a little worried about it. I hope I am wrong.
The evaluation forms we had to fill out got sent out yesterday and we are still waiting to hear from the transplant coordinator to set up the appointment. She called today and said hopefully by Monday we will have an appointment set up. Yeah! That's all for now!
God Bless

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One Response to “ My "Report Card" ”

The VanderZwaag's said...


I'm so glad that you had a great report. I hope the next step for getting the transplant started, goes quickly! We continue to pray for you and Robb! I will be thinking about you this weekend. Know there are many people praying for you!