Here it is..

Friday, April 25, 2008

The long awaited baby furniture. Robb and I picked it up from the baby furniture store tonight. As we assembled it I prayed for the future babies that will peacefully sleep in this crib. We are saddened that the baby we originally bought this for won't be using it, but we are hopeful that his brothers and sisters will be able to spend lots of time in it! Sweet dreams Brenham!

Isn't it cute? Robb calls it the "Cadillac of Cribs"!

Matching dresser/changing table combo

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3 Responses to “ Here it is.. ”

Anonymous said...

It is adorable Katie! You have fantastic taste! And a cute new haircut too I see! That furniture will be put to great use one day! Love and miss you lots!
Nicole B.

The Housewife said...

That is a beautiful set!

This collection will be put to good use, by your many children!
Your family will be plentiful!

Keep having Faith.

Anonymous said...

The furnature is beautiful, and the bedding is adorable! I pray that this time goes by quickly for you, and that you are rocking babies in that nursery before you know it!