I must have jinxed myself

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I was just reading through some old emails I've sent to Robb and came across this sentence:
"I just love our baby so much and don't want anything to go wrong." from 2/29 at 12:24 pm - just hours before everything went wrong. Little did I know then really how much I would love that baby. But I know now, words cannot express a mother's love for her child. I love you so much Brenham. Can't wait to hold and kiss you again someday.

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3 Responses to “ I must have jinxed myself ”

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little boy! Thanks for sharing pictures and your story. God is giving you strength and believe it or not he is using your story in marvelous ways! We are praying for you and Robb!
Dan and Amanda

Crystal said...

I found your blog through the nest, I remember you. I am so so incredibly sorry for everything you are going through. I cannot imagine how tough it must be. Your little man is absolutely adorable. The pictures are so touching. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am definately thinking about you and Robb. I really hope things turn around and start looking up for you. Again, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Summer & Matt said...

God is giving you strength everyday, I can tell! We continue to pray for you and Robb. Oh and I love the song on your page by Watermark, Glory Baby! Love me some Watermark! What a beautiful song!!!