Life Is Hard, But God is Good!

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Aunt reminded me of this song the other day. I have heard it on the radio before but never really listened closely to the words until now. And oh wow, how perfect! I wish I could add it to my song list for you to hear but it is "unrecognized" on that site. But here are the words:

You turn the key
Then close the door behind you
Drop your bags on the floor
You reach for the light
But there's darkness deep inside
And you can't take it anymore

'Cause sometimes living takes the life out of you
And sometimes living is all you can do

Life is hard, the world is cold
We're barely young and then we're old
But every falling tear is always understood
Yes, life is hard, but God is good

You start to cry
'Cause you've been strong for so long
And that's not how you feel
You try to pray
But there's nothing left to say
So you just quietly kneel
In the silence of all that you face
God will give you His mercy and grace

Jesus never said
It was an easy road to travel
He only said that you would never be alone
So when your last thread of hope
Begins to come unraveled
Don't give up, He walks beside you
On this journey home and He knows

Life is hard, the world is cold
We're barely young and then we're old
But every falling tear is always understood
Yes, life is hard, but God is good
~Pam Thum

I sit in silence before God a lot, just like the song says. I try to pray but I have ran out of words. Or sometimes I just feel too angry to pray. But then other times God gives me His mercy and grace, sits right beside me and wipes away my tears as I talk to Him. I am going through tough times right now, but God will be faithful! He is Good!

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5 Responses to “ Life Is Hard, But God is Good! ”

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog, but wanted to let you know I'm praying for you.

Your son is so sweet & he has the most beautiful name. Your husband's e-mail was sooo touching, the gift of the bear from your friend was soooo thoughtful, your family sounds like they are a wonderful support for you.

I pray that the dark times don't last long, and that you are comforted & full of peace. Praying for success in the medical procedures that lie ahead.

God led me to your site just now & it just wouldn't have been right not to tell you that.

:) - Rachel in Kansas City

Ali O said...

I also just came across your blog, and I did a double-take when the music started husband wrote "There is a Reason" !!

I read all of your entries, and cried tears over you and your precious son. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am amazed at your strength. I pray healing for you in all ways.

Anonymous said...

I wish that I had half of your are amazing! When I looked this morning, you had 417 hits on your blog. You have shown Jesus to all of those people. When I share your story with people that I know, I always end by saying, "But you would not believe this girl's is like nothing I have ever seen before."

Anonymous said...

Katie, you have such a beautiful heart and I am amazed at your faith. You're an inspiration to me. I've had so many tough times in the past couple years, and it's hard sometimes to keep my faith in God. But you're so right, we are not alone. You are in my prayers.

Amy said...


Wow is this song a flash from the past...amazing how God can use the same music in completely different circumstances in your life and touch you in a whole new way. We don't need words or strength or things or money or even hope...we just need Him...and he provides the rest, even in the darkest of times. Thanks God for knowing us better than ourselves and being our Shining Light in the dark. At His feet, Amy