Operation "Katie's Kidney" Update

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I just thought I would update everyone as to what is going on with the new kidney process. I still don't know a whole lot yet but we did sent over my transplant request form to St. Mary's and they did receive it. So we are waiting to hear back from them so we can set up an evaluation appointment. This is when I will be tested for the antibodies and other things to make sure whether or not I would be a good candidate for a transplant. As most of you know, everyone in my family is O positive blood type and so is Robb, making them great options as possible donors! As far as more testing on them goes, we are waiting until after my evaluation before they go any further. The further tests will include x-rays, ultrasounds, urine tests and a tissue match ( i am not sure how they do that one, maybe a biopsy?) But chances are that one of them will be a good match. We have a date set for a transplant seminar on May 6 from 6-7:30 where we will learn more about the whole process.
Dialysis is going okay. My labs are looking good, showing improvement. Physically, I feel good except for after dialysis days, that just drains me and I always end up with a killer headache. The last two times I went there, the nurses have been concerned that my site looks infected. The first time they did a culture on it and it did come back negative but the second time they didn't test it. So hopefully this last time it isn't infected either but it is a big concern if it would be. I would be given antibiotics to hopefully clear it up but since the bacteria would be growing on plastic, it is hard to kill and they may need to take it out and put a port back in a different place. Not good. I will ask the nurse about how it looks tomorrow.
In the mean time, we are just waiting. Still praying for a miracle.

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4 Responses to “ Operation "Katie's Kidney" Update ”

Kristen said...

Robb and Katie-
Laura told me about your blog so I just checked it out. I want you guys to know that Jamison and I are praying for you daily. We also have some great prayer warriors praying for you from Campus Ministry at GVSU. We cannot even begin to understand the pain you guys must be feeling, but we do know God's amazing grace and mercy. Thanks for being such a great testimony to that! Brenham is beautiful! You are in our prayers!

Rachel said...

You don't know me, but I've been reading your blog through Keren's links. My husband and I have been praying for you, and it's encouraging to hear how much you trust in the Lord. God is good, even during trials. There's no better place to be then in the arms of Christ! He truly knows us best and cares the most.

God bless, Rachel Barendse
Psalm 56:8-13

Anonymous said...

I woke up VERY early this morning with you guys on my mind. I was prayng for you before the sun was up. We too are praying for a miracle...the God of the universe is certainly capable of healing a kidney!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign my comment...that was me.