Oh, the Places You'll Go

Thursday, April 24, 2008

To my sweet baby boy:

Baby, oh baby.
the place that you'll go!
The heavens you'll visit
The friends you will know

Old Moses, just there
with the leathery face
who guided the tribes
through a desert placeNoah's the one
with a big wooden boat
when the flood waters came
his zoo went afloatYou'll sit on the lap
of Esther the queen
who rescued her people
from someone quite mean

You'll see other babies,
just like you,
great-grandpa's are waiting
there for you too.

And Jesus will hold you
if you feel alone
He planned you and made you
Then welcomed you home.

~Kevin and Erin Rebesh (I'll Hold you in Heaven Remembrance Book)
(I changed it a little so it would apply to him)

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2 Responses to “ Oh, the Places You'll Go ”

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. :)

Myrna Folkert said...

I love your blog. The songs are absolutely beautiful and some of my favorites. I hadn't heard "Glory Baby". That is so touching and meaningful.
You have amazing faith and strength. The Lord is faithful, and will continue to bring you and Robb through this journey.
You will be a wonderful loving mother and you will be blessed in many ways. I don't know you all that well yet, but look forward to doing that. I trust that your medical situations will work out and you will get through all of these trials if you just continue to hang on to the Lord. No one else can know exactly what you have to go through, but we can try to support and pray for you.
Know that you are being prayed for by hundreds and probably more.