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Library Play Group

Monday, March 22, 2010

Friday morning I took Grayden for his first playgroup at the library. He's been to a few play dates with some friends from church before but this was his first big social outing with lots of different kids his age!

He started out as just an observer, just checking out the other kids but towards the end he got right in there and checked everything out! He loved it and I did too, I love doing stuff like this with him!

After an hour of singing songs, reading a book, making a craft and play time we headed to the grocery store and Grayden was exhausted! So much work to play so hard!
He really was SO close to falling asleep in the cart while I was waiting for my prescription to be filled; snuggled right up against the chip bags and gallon of milk :)

We finished our fun mommy/grayden day with a stroller walk grandma's house.

The weather was so nice on friday, if only it could have lasted :) We woke up on Saturday morning with snow!!

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Grayden Robert, you are 10 months old!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Grayden, you turned 10 months old last week!

We celebrated in Florida by taking you to the children's museum!
Here's what you've been up to:
You are having 4 bottles a day (we finally cut out your early morning bottle!)

You love to eat and notice every time I eat I open the kitchen cupboards! I can't sneak anything by you! Some of your favorite foods are french toast, pears, squash, apples, yogurt, turkey and sweet potato. Your favorite snacks are goldfish crackers, graham crackers, rice cakes and fruit bars. You feed yourself so well with only your two little teeth you can bite and chew with them really well!

You wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 months clothes.

We're surprised you're not walking yet compared to how quickly you've reached all other milestones but you really have no interest in it yet and that is great! We're glad your taking your time with this milestone! I'm not ready to call you a toddler yet, you're still a baby to me :)

You are such a silly boy, full of personality! So many people notice your silly facial expressions and expressive eyes!

When we sing patty cake you can "roll it" and "toss it up high" now, cutest thing!

You love birds and fish, when we go to story time at the library we always have to check out those fish tanks and you can spot a bird outside the window in a no time

You know how to sign "please" but its usually out of context!
We moved you into the next step car seat shortly after you turned 9 months! It doesn't look like it sleeps very comfortably but you seem to like it!

You get into everything! You just love to explore this world around you and take it all in, we love to watch you learn!

I can't believe how fast your first year is going!
We love you Gray-Gray!
~Mommy and Daddy!

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Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

{sorry for the sideways video, hope no one gets a kink in their neck but it'd be worth it. this is cuteness!}

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florida day 7 & 8

Monday was our last full day in Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood and we relaxed by the beach in the morning and let Grayden play in the sand a little.

We took a walk to Subway for lunch. After lunch we spent the remainder of the day by the pool. Grayden was so busy playing by the pool!

In the evening we went back to that mall we were at on Sunday to hit up a couple stores we didn't get to and then rewarded ourselves for a vacation well done with dinner at Olive Garden :) (my favorite!)

We headed back to the hotel to pack up some of our stuff.

Tuesday morning we sat by the pool until it was time to check out and then headed to the airport for our journey home.

Again our flight went great, grayden was a trooper by sleeping for the majority of the time and playing quietly on my lap.

We got many compliments on how well he did and we look forward to taking another family vacation again sometime!

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florida day 6 (sunday)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We had a very relaxing day on Sunday, we lounged around the room for awhile in the morning and then headed down to the pool for a bit.

Around noon we headed downtown for their St. Patricks Day Parade! So fun!

We had dinner at Chili's and found a huge mall to browse around in, we had to be careful not to buy too much b/c our luggage was so full!!

Here are the boys playing around in Antropologie while mommy shopped!

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