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Michigan's Adveture

Monday, September 30, 2019

We had a full day of fun at Michigan's Adventure this summer! Robb's parents joined us for the day and we loved having them along!
We packed in a lot of fun!

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Dunes Harbor Camping Trip

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

We spent an amazing weekend camping at Dunes Harbor in Silver Lake August 7-11.

We were off to a rocky start with an awful car ride of misbehavior from these three, so they were ordered to spend the remainder of the evening in the camper with bread and butter for lunch. Thankfully things turned around and we had a great time enjoying delicious food, fellowship with friends and relaxing by the campfires!
morning snuggles, balm to my soul!

fun in the dunes!

 Sadler scored the winning touchdown in a campground football game!

morning fishing with dad 

 we took a beautiful kayak ride around the campground 

fresh veggies on the grill, nothing better!

 late night fried food is one of my favorite Dunes Harbor traditions!

 The next morning we worked off our fried food with a 4 mile bike ride

 Beautiful beach day

homemade donuts were a hit once again!

 a great week with great friends!

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Chicago Getaway with the Lubbers

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Robb's parents gifted us with a getaway in Chicago for the adults! 
We had a great time exploring, eating and relaxing together. 

ready to hit the road Saturday morning. 

after we settled into our hotel rooms and did a little shopping we had Mexican for lunch. 

After we got our fill of fajitas we walked it off with a stroll along the Riverwalk 

And we had to see the famous "bean" and grab a shake from The Shake Shack :)

All ready for dinner.

a delicious meal at Wildfire

hanging out at Navy Pier

We wrapped up the night with a dip in the hot tub to soak our tired feet (we put on 22,000 steps that day!)

The next morning Robb and I hit up the hotel gym and continental breakfast and then we all met up together to take a river cruise. 

We walked around a bit more, grabbed some lunch along the riverwalk and then headed for home!

We had so much fun! 

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